Christmas Gift Guide – Braun

Have 8 More sleeps before Christmas  – Most of us would be shopping for gifts and preparing for Christmas.

Braun Logo

Here is few amazing products from Braun that I have received as gifts and thought you might also like them.

Braun SkinSpa

For the beauty addict- the Braun SkinSpa combines epilation and exfoliation in one handy beauty tool! This beauty innovation delivers touchably smoother and visibly more radiant skin, to leave legs looking silky-smooth and ready to show off.

Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa epilator key features

Wet & Dry

Can be used in bath or shower for extra comfort and a soothing experienceWet & dry


Sonic exfoliation technology

More than 3000 miSonic exfoliation technologycro-vibrations per minute exfoliate your skin 4x more effectively than a manual treatment alone.

Skin refinement brush – visibly improved skin appearance

High density brush
10.000 fine bristles gently sweep away dead skin cells and stimulate the regeneration of the skin surface.

Skin refinement brush – visibly improved skin appearance
Ergonomic angle
Enables convenient use on all body areas.

Epilation – long-lasting smoothness

Epilation – long-lasting smoothness
Close-Grip Technology
Removes hair even as short as a grain of sand (0.5mm).
High frequency massage system
Activately stimulates your skin for an extra gentle epilation.
Pivoting head
Smoothly adapts to your body contours.

Reveals even the finest hair for extra thorough removal.

The Next one is the Braun SensoCare Styler

A World 1st  in hair care, the Braun SensoCare is designed to tailor the ‘hair experience’ and protect  individual hair needs. A temperature sensor to ensure the correct moisture levels are being maintained, as well as a speed sensor to ensure the correct temperature is in action- whilst still delivering unbeatable styling results. From silky smooth to bouncy curls, this Styler is set to be the must-have beauty gadget for 2014!


Finally, you can take your style to the limit, styling as often as you like with ultimate heat protection. The Braun SensoCare styler is a world’s 1st.

Thanks to SensoCare’s automatic temperature adaption and better gliding, you have longer-lasting results and healthy-looking, shiny hair.

Both Products are available from Major Supermarkets and it would make a perfect Christmas present for your Girlfriend/Wife.


Style your hair amazingly and Admiringly for this Christmas – with the New Ultimate Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare styler – Review

Braun Logo

I love to have a tangle free, Straight, Shiny and attractive hair all the time.  And that needs atleast once a month Parlour visit – And Few of my recent Parlour vistis were a nightmare – Reason behind, I need to find someone to babaysit DD2 and unfortumately DD2 would become so much mama’s baby and decide to go out of control and make the situation worst to give an emergency call to Mum. And If I decide to go with her – Nope, Please don’t even think about it – Let’s not talk about it.

I know you might think ” Why don’t you own a hair styler and just do it yourself!!!???”. I have used one before and I felt my hair has become too rough and it was difficult to get the just right heat and needs more effort to achieve the result I want and I did burn the hair JUST ONCE though.  So I preferred to go to Parlour, let the hair free and forget worrying about it for a while and then comeout like a Model 🙂 Atleast that’s how Hubby pulls my leg all the time I am out of the Parlour.

Knowing my fear and effort of using a hair straightener at home after my previous worst experiences and finding myself busy not to drop in at the Parlour and roaming with the Halloween time Spooky Hair, The lovely people at Braun had offered me their New revolutionary Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare styler to review.


SensoCare technology

IONTEC – active ion jet

Built-in sensors in the plate detect the moisture level of each hair strand and automatically adapt to the ideal temperature from root to tip for smoother, longer-lasting styles. Enjoy perfect styles, without the risk of heat damage.

Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare styler highlights

Satin-Hair 7 sensocare highlights
  • Active curling edges and a cool tip to achieve perfect and controlled creation of curls and waves.
  • Automatic temperature adaption continuously adapts temperature from root to tip for ultimate heat protection.
  • Patented floating plates for 3x smoother gliding vs conventional plates.
  • Patented floating plates distribute the pressure evenly to prevent hair damage.
  • Advanced display guidance provides feedback on your styling process for better styling results in less strokes.

So, how did I do with my Very Own SensoCare Styler

Here is the Picture from me for my Very Own Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare styler

Braun Styler 1

The first and foremost thing I liked about the styler is the display that will let you know when to use the styler and how is it been used !

The Manual is So clear and easy to understand that you wouldn’t struggle even a bit for your first time use and subsequent uses.  Before you start using it, it takes you through series of steps to setup your preferred language, Mode you would like to use the styler in – which is either Sensocare or Manual mode. If you opt for SensoCare – Which obviously you would love to -as I did.  It needs to decide your Hair length and Thickness so it can work on your hair with Sensocare mode set.  And once you are set, There will be a thermometer Flashing to just let you know that – you need a little patience before having a “Awwwww….. Your hair looks Sooooooooooo Lovely” moment. Once the Thermometer Stops flashing, You are all set to style your hair as you wish.

Braun Styler 1

In the Manual Mode, You have different temperatures to set according to your preference and Trust me, You will find this product absolutely gentle and amazing on your hair Just as I did.

And Hubby was kind enough to take some pictures of me ! Don’t get scared though,. I am yet to upload the lovely hair that is styled perfect. 🙂 I couldn’t just wait to let you know How Mazing this styler is and sneak peeked halfway through my Styling.

Braun Styler1

With Christmas is just fast approaching and I know some of you would now be shopping with Panic and Manic, This would be a great Christmas Present for your Girl friend, Wife and why not try with Mum to make your Wife Jealous and that way you WILL have a Lovely Christmas 🙂

For Dazzling, Sexy Waves Hair curling image

Your hair is your best accessory, and flowing waves are the perfect style statement for a special evening.

  • Step 1

    Use Braun’s SensoCare Styler to straighten and smooth the hair. Straighten small sections at a time, to create beautiful shine.

  • Step 2

    Create a low side-part on one side of your head. Hold a strand of hair between your fingers and start wrapping the hair around both fingers.

  • Step 3

    Pull out your fingers while holding the loop in place, then clamp the loop with the SensoCare Styler for 2-3 seconds, allowing the hair to warm up. Using a pin, secure the loop to your head and let it cool down.

  • Step 4

    When cool, release the loops one by one and style them into gorgeous sexy waves!

For a hair styling video from the professionals here is the link

Celebrate Christmas with Tesco – “Every little Helps” you to make a Wonderful day!

Christmas is coming, everyone out there is busy and someone are going Crazy with Christmas Shopping, What to cook, how to make in-laws happy on that day ! so and so…

To put me in comfort Zone, Tesco had asked me to review their Christmas products on Mummy and Cuties. So off I went shopping to see what is there in Tesco for me for Christmas. Indeed there was a huge collection of decorations and Christmas food items that I stood still and a bit confused of what to choose amongst all. I had a plan to buy some baubles, Reindeer and some Lights. But seeing so much, I was sure I will definitely over spend.


I was sure I have to buy the lights as the previous one we had stopped working for No reason …  And When I saw these  Tesco 100 Multi-Function Microlights, Multi-Coloured lights, I was sure to buy. They look so lovely.They were easy to unpack and very sturdy compared to others I have seen. A long line of lights plus a sensibly long ‘flex’ without lights to the adapter. They come with an inline control box with which you can alter the style of lighting your require. And the one big advantage is this light can be used Outdoor. So a chance for you to decorate your outdoor for Christmas Party.PR

The Next thing that attracted me was the Scandi Cable Knit Cushion Red Heart. It is and super soft and cosy and has a Christmas look. It is well Knitted and definitely look attractive.


And Off we went to get some Baubles I already have Red Baubles and wanted to have some Gold ones.   So I opted for  Assortment of 17 Festive Bauble Decorations in Christmas Tree Shaped Box – Gold. They are at a very  reasonable price of £4.99, has different designs on each of them and looks lovely.


There are more collections to decorate your home and prepare for Christmas Dinner and Party – Look here for the decorations around your home. They also have 3 for 2 for Christmas and Toys.
Over the festive period Tesco are raising funds for foodbank charity The Trussell Trust and food redistribution charity FareShare.  Together we can help feed people in need this Christmas. Please help them feed people in need by donating whatever you can afford.
Tesco cause
Dislaimer: I was sent £20 from Tesco to review Christmas shopping Experience and used it to pay partly for these items. All the opinions are my own.

Looking for a Stress Free Christmas!? Here are some Tips…

How do you feel in the lead-up to Christmas? Excited? Festive? Or just plain anxious? For those of you who worry you’ll never quite reach Kirstie’s levels of home-made festive perfection, fear not – you are not alone!

Well, I love Christmas Time. After all it is a Festive season and meant to keep us happy and laughing than stressing ourselves into doing things great and perfect. But I need to prepare myself well ahead to protect myself from getting stressed.

What do we do mostly for Christmas – Shopping and cooking and have fun with family and friends and ofcourse I am not that bad not to mention the Holy Christmas Mass.

The main stress is from Shopping and Cooking  – Some of them can be planned well in advance and you can make yourself ready and comfortable well before Christmas.

  • Well, Santa’s are usually on duty atleast from the first day of december, so if you could have an earliest Santa visit and shortlist the toys that has been told to Santa from your littleone. In that way, you can buy gifts at the earliest and dont have to leave anything to the last minute – BUT How you hide the gifts until the Christmas day is entirely your challenge and I will leave it with you 🙂 Do give me some tips if you have anything better. One of the tricks I follow is leave it with friend’s or at the loft.
  • Ofcourse You can not cook and keep eveything you planned weeks before.. Don’t look at me like that! 🙂 But some of the desserts can be prepared and freezed. List down the items that (you think) would taste the same or even much better when freezed. Prepare them in your spare time and leave the last minute for the fresh meals.
  • Most important of all, Whatever the works that can be deligated to the machines, leave it with them. Let your Dishwasher takes the load than you spending hours clearing the dishes.
  • Feel free and never feel shy to take help – Man or Machine, all we need is a little help and additional hands to prepare the stuffing and check on the turkey in the oven.
  • Do you think all of this is hard and you can’t take any more stress on Christmas day! – IMPORTANT – This time I have planned to have Christmas at Mum’s place. She is the best person who will never let us do anything but will do everything by herself and still be happy seeing her children happy. All you have to do then is Just eat, chat, drink, open the gifts and enjoy Christmas to the fullest ( I know, even if you offer help, Mum wouldn’t take it, All she wants would be seeing you relaxing and enjoying the great day.) After all, You will also have your turn soon when your daughters have their family. 🙂

Here is some research done by Beko about How Mum’s feel about Christmas generally

Beko’s Household Helpers survey found that over two-thirds of UK mums worry about creating the perfect Christmas, with a sixth of them (15%) admitting to losing sleep. An additional sixteen per cent worry about comments from the in-laws, not to mention the letters to Father Christmas that manage to span two pages of A4…

The Beko Household Helpers Census also found:

•                    Making sure the house is tidy is the number one concern when hosting Christmas lunch (28%)

•                    27% of mums are anxious about fitting the roast and all the trimmings in the oven

•                    23% are worried that their dining table isn’t big enough

•                    A fifth (21%) worry about having a messy kitchen

•                    16% of mums say they are nervous about entertaining their in-laws

I love the last point 🙂 Honestly. After reading this, whether you decide to comment or Not,  I know there is always a Comment!!!!!!!!???? awaiting me on the Christmas day 🙂

So why to wait, we have hardly two weeks before Christmas, Let’s go shopping and make those puddings.

Asda Christmas Toy list – Traditional Wooden Dolls House – Review

 DD 2 is now a Big “baby” Fan and loves any Dolls and finds herself playing with them happily feed them and sing a lullaby, Make them sleep and even change the Nappy – Well, In her words it is “Baaabbbbbyyy”
Stop! Don’t think so! I am not planning to bring another baby home! But hearing this, Asda had asked me to review their Traditional Wooden Dolls House from their Christmas Toy List.
 doll house 1It comes flat packed for you to assemble at home. I took an hour to build it! 🙂 How Quick! Once built, the solid free standing wooden house is a beautifully constructed house ready to provide endless fun.  And Here is something o Make you run……… If you are quick enough you might be able to grab it for a great bargain of £35 as it is on sale down from £70. Yes!!!! a Great Half Price Toy sale exclusively for Christmas. And ofcourse I was one of the Quick runners though I walk Slow! 🙂
And this is how the Interior looks
doll house 2
  • It is a pink and white solid wooden structure with a pink roof and white outer front and side.
  • It has a beautiful Heart and flowering print on the front that would be any girls favourite.


  • The windows and doors are hinge opening and decorated with pink love hearts.
  • The house has an open hinge front door, 2 bay bottom level cut out windows, 3 dual open hinge second storey level windows and 2 roof cut out windows so that your child can see through and interact the dolls house
  • The wooden dolls house is also accessible from above with its removable roof, so that kids can interact with second storey and third storey.
  • Each level has its own staircase, so once assembled your child can move dolls around the house in a natural manner.
  • It has four main rooms on the first and second floors, and a converted attic on the third storey.
 The four bedroom layout can be arranged however you like. The one thing you should Note is this dolls house does not come with any furniture, but you can buy them separately –  which is also on sale for 12£ down from £24 – Wooden Doll House Furniture

Doll House Furniture
This will aid your child’s understanding of how a house is structured as they move through each room within the wooden doll house.Your child will be able to interact with the house easily with its double opening front doors and removable roof, enabling them to play anywhere in the dolls house easily.
As they are on Sale they are going off quickly, So you need to be quick enough to grab yours before it is gone!
Disclaimer:  I have received a £30 voucher from Asda to purchase these products and used it to part pay these items. All opinions and ideas are my Own.

The Croods DVD Review

Mummy and the Cuties are Movie Addicts – Specially for Family movies. It is really hard to find anything on the list of family movies that we have missed seeing it in the Cinema. We love watching family movies –  laughing, giggling, blowing nose and shedding tears and carefully wiping it off to make sure no one notice it! But Me, especially failed many times from being Caught.

Title 2

“The Croods” was one of the mostly awaited movie for us and we could hardly wait to see it at Cinema when it was about to be released. Our plan was to make it to the movie at the very first weekend when the movie is on Cinema. But, sometimes the plans don’t  go well as planned.  Daddy was busy for about two weekends. At first I thought may be Me and DD 1 should go first and then we can make it another day as a family. (Sure it is fun watching “The Croods” how many ever time it is”). BUT THEN, She was very clear in her thoughts -”  It is a Family Movie Mummy, Its all about the Family So we should all go and watch it as a Family and enjoy it with Dad.” How lovely to be so understanding! It melted me and so the film. We liked it, Loved it, admired it, Cried, Laughed and giggled and ofcourse blowed nose high and low…

So, When Mumsnet gave us a privilege to watch “The Croods” on DVD before its release on DVDs and Blurays  on 9th December, We all went “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”


It is a perfect Family movie and is U rated. So no more closing Eyes, Fast Forwarding, Hey! Look over there!!! moments Etc. And DD had the same excitement, Emotions and expressions as how she was when she first watched the Movie on Cinemas. Here is the Family glued to the movie.


Now, Lets see what “The Croods” is all About: Its between a teen-ager who loves to have freedom and explore the world outside the dark cave and the Dad who loves and cares for his daughter and struggles to let her go! Grud the Father protects his family of  his wife Ugga, daughter Eep, son Thunk, baby Sandy and his elderly mother-in-law. He Strictly follows the principle of fear and strongly believes Fear is key to survival and tries to keep his family aligned to his thoughts. But there will always be one Brave person in the family and that is  daughter Eep who dreams of a more entertaining life outside the dark cave.  And one night, When she leaves the cave to explore Something (light) she meets Her Guy, a more evolved stone age man who has predicted the upcoming disaster and turns out to be crucial in the families survival and becomes the part of the family. And the movie takes us through their journey of adventure in finding their new home from their old stone age.

The Croods 2

The Ultimate theme of “The Croods” is Hope and be Brave! And When Eep tells her Dad that ‘Dad, this isn’t living, this is just not dying‘ has so much in it for us.  The movie has great sceneries and beautifully scripted with loads of creativity and fun for children and for the Whole Family. The Animations are just so natural and it just takes you into the movie. We didn’t even need a Pop corn when we watched it at Cinema as well on DVD.  The Movie will just keep You with it.

In Short and Sweet “After their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy”.

DD2 was Just so much carried away by the character of “belt” and now tries to say DA…. DA…….DAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! all the time and she is a great admirer of babies and animals, So was enjoying every moment when Sandy and Belt are on the Screen.

We all loved When Daddy says ” Release the Baby” and the way daddy flies through the air at the climax. And it was Scary when daddy makes Stamps on rocks!

The Croods 3

Well done again Twentieth Century Fox and Dreamworks.  We love the way you make us enjoy our family time. The Croods is released on December 9th. The DVD costs 10£ and blue ray costs £15. If you haven’t watched it on Cinema, then Don’t miss it anymore. Even if you have watched it before, it is worth the family time. And it is definitely a wonderful Christmas Stocking filler.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of The Croods DVD by Mumsnet and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for the purposes of this review.

Ozeri Bath Turle Thermometer – Glad I made this as my choice over the others

My Babies are water Babies. The love water and given a chance they would definitely love to live in water. They can stay in water for hours and hours and ignore my screams and shouts.

So, I let them have fun rather than moaning about it. All I have done is to make sure they are safe and warm when they are in water. Obviously there is a good age gap between the sisters so the Bath thermometer I have got for DD 1 was no good enough and I was on the hunt for some new thermometer – that is fast, fun and accurate and could give me peace of mind. So wanted something that makes bath time still more fun and safe as I was always worried about water being too hot when they are in or getting too cold after sometime.

I love online shopping than running around the shops and Amazon and eBay are my first choices. So found the cutest Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer sold by Ozeri   and purchased it with the hope that it will make bath time fun and safe and Does he do so!? a BIG YES.

Isn’t he cute? The Kids love him – He is been named “Turto” and is the best bath toy for about an year now.

Turtle Meter 1

Except the fact that he is now undergoing general wear and tear, He sill shows the temperature accurately and gives kids a great bath time fun.

He has 3 coloured display, Blue for too cold water, Green for Just the right and Red for Too Hot.. So we compare it (Kind of) to the traffic signal and Say No to get in for Red and yes to have fun for Green and Blue is hardly seen at bath time.

Turtle Meter Display

He works on Batteries but proved to be very safe in water and for the kids.

The Special Features of the Turtlemeter:

  • Introducing the “Turtlemeter,” safe and fun for child and mom, a happy bath for your little one!
  • Instantly Activates in Water, Floats Naturally and Fully Submersible.
  • Fun and Safe Bath Toy that doubles as a Bath Thermometer.
  • Checks the bath Water temperature every second and display it in Fahrenheit on an easy-to-read LCD.
  • Display Water Temperature with 3 Screen Colors: Blue for Cold, Green for Just Right, and Red for Hot.

This turtle meter is with us for nearly an year now and still good. We make sure we try it with a damp cloth after every use, so may be that helps for its to serve us for this long time. It is slightly faded now – may be because I over clean it 🙂 otherwise it is still good. Worth the cost I paid for it. Could it be improved as a Moving/Swimming turtle!? – Would buy another one if that’s the case 🙂