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Style your hair amazingly and Admiringly for this Christmas – with the New Ultimate Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare styler – Review

Braun Logo

I love to have a tangle free, Straight, Shiny and attractive hair all the time.  And that needs atleast once a month Parlour visit – And Few of my recent Parlour vistis were a nightmare – Reason behind, I need to find someone to babaysit DD2 and unfortumately DD2 would become so much mama’s baby and decide to go out of control and make the situation worst to give an emergency call to Mum. And If I decide to go with her – Nope, Please don’t even think about it – Let’s not talk about it.

I know you might think ” Why don’t you own a hair styler and just do it yourself!!!???”. I have used one before and I felt my hair has become too rough and it was difficult to get the just right heat and needs more effort to achieve the result I want and I did burn the hair JUST ONCE though.  So I preferred to go to Parlour, let the hair free and forget worrying about it for a while and then comeout like a Model 🙂 Atleast that’s how Hubby pulls my leg all the time I am out of the Parlour.

Knowing my fear and effort of using a hair straightener at home after my previous worst experiences and finding myself busy not to drop in at the Parlour and roaming with the Halloween time Spooky Hair, The lovely people at Braun had offered me their New revolutionary Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare styler to review.


SensoCare technology

IONTEC – active ion jet

Built-in sensors in the plate detect the moisture level of each hair strand and automatically adapt to the ideal temperature from root to tip for smoother, longer-lasting styles. Enjoy perfect styles, without the risk of heat damage.

Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare styler highlights

Satin-Hair 7 sensocare highlights
  • Active curling edges and a cool tip to achieve perfect and controlled creation of curls and waves.
  • Automatic temperature adaption continuously adapts temperature from root to tip for ultimate heat protection.
  • Patented floating plates for 3x smoother gliding vs conventional plates.
  • Patented floating plates distribute the pressure evenly to prevent hair damage.
  • Advanced display guidance provides feedback on your styling process for better styling results in less strokes.

So, how did I do with my Very Own SensoCare Styler

Here is the Picture from me for my Very Own Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare styler

Braun Styler 1

The first and foremost thing I liked about the styler is the display that will let you know when to use the styler and how is it been used !

The Manual is So clear and easy to understand that you wouldn’t struggle even a bit for your first time use and subsequent uses.  Before you start using it, it takes you through series of steps to setup your preferred language, Mode you would like to use the styler in – which is either Sensocare or Manual mode. If you opt for SensoCare – Which obviously you would love to -as I did.  It needs to decide your Hair length and Thickness so it can work on your hair with Sensocare mode set.  And once you are set, There will be a thermometer Flashing to just let you know that – you need a little patience before having a “Awwwww….. Your hair looks Sooooooooooo Lovely” moment. Once the Thermometer Stops flashing, You are all set to style your hair as you wish.

Braun Styler 1

In the Manual Mode, You have different temperatures to set according to your preference and Trust me, You will find this product absolutely gentle and amazing on your hair Just as I did.

And Hubby was kind enough to take some pictures of me ! Don’t get scared though,. I am yet to upload the lovely hair that is styled perfect. 🙂 I couldn’t just wait to let you know How Mazing this styler is and sneak peeked halfway through my Styling.

Braun Styler1

With Christmas is just fast approaching and I know some of you would now be shopping with Panic and Manic, This would be a great Christmas Present for your Girl friend, Wife and why not try with Mum to make your Wife Jealous and that way you WILL have a Lovely Christmas 🙂

For Dazzling, Sexy Waves Hair curling image

Your hair is your best accessory, and flowing waves are the perfect style statement for a special evening.

  • Step 1

    Use Braun’s SensoCare Styler to straighten and smooth the hair. Straighten small sections at a time, to create beautiful shine.

  • Step 2

    Create a low side-part on one side of your head. Hold a strand of hair between your fingers and start wrapping the hair around both fingers.

  • Step 3

    Pull out your fingers while holding the loop in place, then clamp the loop with the SensoCare Styler for 2-3 seconds, allowing the hair to warm up. Using a pin, secure the loop to your head and let it cool down.

  • Step 4

    When cool, release the loops one by one and style them into gorgeous sexy waves!

For a hair styling video from the professionals here is the link

Best Fit, Comfort and still Stylish – Clarks Shoes Review

I love Clarks Shoes. Best Fit, Stylish Look and still comfortable. I prefer to buy DD1’s School shoes from Clarks mainly because she is going to wear them longer during term days, she is going to walk with it, run with it and even sometimes cycle with it to school and not to forget – play with it in the park. So for me the main thing I look for her school shoes is comfort and best fit.

Clarks 1

And for both my daughters, their first shoes were from Clarks to make them get Confident on walking. I agree, Clarks are bit expensive but Whenever I buy from them I am sure they are worth it.

Now, As we are shivering in winter (heaters are already burning at home), I was in need of a nice shoes/boots for DD2 and it was  shopping time last weekend. How fast the kids grow. You will never realise until you see them exploring things on their own and show their interest in shopping what they want.

Our Nearest Clarks is a bit small in size but they do have good number of collections in affordable range. She loved all that is in Pink, glittery and ofcourse the one with lights on them. I could never imagine that the 20 months old would show so much interest and patience in trying different shoes oh her little foot. I should have captured the moment, unlucky, my iPhone died 😦

I feel more comfortable in measuring their feet and buying the shoes that just fit them perfect  and that’s one of the reasons I love Clarks.

Given a chance she would have taken everything home but we kind of convinced her with the Giggle Jog FST for now. These are the special features of this shoe.. more girly and that’s what is been liked 🙂

  •  An unashamedly girly look, these girls’ trainers from our First Shoes collection are great for little feet on the move.
  • In hot pink leather with pretty, glittery appliqués they fasten with two riptape straps for a secure, adjustable fit.
  • Kids will love the flashing Lights in the grippy rubber sole and the added benefit of antimicrobial Agion linings helps banish bacteria.
  • Available in whole and half sizes. “

She loves it and as with all the kids, forgot all the other shoes at home and pick this up for out and about.

Clarks 21

Clarks has a wide range of collection on Kids Shoes and Boots  and you can browse them here at Kids- boots

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to try out some shoes and used the voucher to part- pay this item.

worried about a messy hair style after a shower… “Save the Blow Dry” Now

Not only for a Mum, but for anyone who is rushing to work in the morning or Tired after a long day, it would be boring and sometimes exhausting to blow dry after every shower. I prefer to have a shower before the school run always  and still remember the days when I had to run with the kids to the school with wet hair 😦 and trying to hide it somehow!

I have tried quite a good number of shower caps to protect my hair during shower . They are either too big or too tight or just don’t cover the entire head properly. Sometimes even does not have a long life :(.  So when “Save the Blow Dry” asked me to review their new  shower cap, I was looking forward to see how different it is from the normal shower caps I have used so far and why it is priced so!? It claims to be the Moisture Eliminating Queen of Shower caps.

save the blow dry 1

So Whats so special in Save the Blow Dry shower cap and what it claims to do

  •     Super roomy – covers even the longest, thickest styles!
  •     Comfortable fab-flex grip stops strands escaping!
  •     Really banishes bathroom frizz and squashed hair styles!

And did it work for me!?

A Big YES. It did served its purpose really well and did what is intended to do.  When it says Super Roomy, It is.- May be it should Say “Massive” roomy. Mine is a Wavy Hair and up to the  shoulders and it has covered each and every bit of the hair during my shower and didn’t fall off, didn’t loosen, Just stayed perfect and protected my hair.  You definitely look like a Big head though But as far as you can save your time and not to run for a blow dry, I feel it does not matter.

save the blow dry 2

The protective outer layer is Phalate free and proved to be more safer. The internal layer is made of super-absorbent micro weave towel  which zaps humidity and condensation, bathroom-proofing hair to leave it dry and bouncy.  This is SO SOFT that you wouldn’t even feel it on your head. The Elastic is super soft, still firm to keep it intact around your head.

save the blow dry 3

And, Most importantly, Since it is in attractive, Pink  colour, I know DD would love to try it. She has a very long straight hair ( trying to be a tangled) and more thicker than mine, I find it hard mostly for her hair to save it from being wet in shower and this was an excellent product and most loved.

The only thing that was making to think twice is the Price.  At first, I really thought, for a shower cap, 15£ !? But then it is well worth it, You get a nice super absorbent towel inside, it is massive enough. And   they  are partnered with Khandel Light, a charity that is doing great work to greatly improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, Rajasthan, India. Every Save the Blow Dry sold through our website, directly funds a fortnight’s safe drinking water for a family in the desert region of Khandel, making a basic, but vital difference to people living with constant drought, where temperatures soar to 45 degrees.

Here are the Important Tips For Best Results from Save the Blow Dry.

  •     Brush hair.
  •     If hair is long, gently clip up with a clasp or slide.
  •     Push any stray strands up into hat and ensure the hair line is covered.
  •     Happily bathe or shower, whilst looking super cute!
  •     Dry your body and face before removing SAVE THE BLOW DRY™ !
  •     Shake SAVE THE BLOW DRY™ ! To remove excess water and ideally hang up to dry.

Dual Usage Benefit from Save the Blow Dry.
Turn hat inside out (so the towelling doesn’t get wet and yuckie) and put on over your favourite hair treatment allowing it to work on hair more effectively.

Because of this fact, , Mum likes it a lot and doing her best to take it from me. And on the other side, being Pink and flowery, My daughter loves it and Just to use it everyday, she is happily getting into the shower in the morning and evening.  Now….. I got a big job of reminding them that the shower cap is Mine.. and no one should ever demand to own it! It has got all our love and Thumps up.  Click here to own one for you  – Save the Blow Dry.   Sure you will love it.