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Learn Phonics with Peppa Pig – Peppa Pig Fun Phonics 2 Review

As I mentioned before, I am learning Phonics again with DD2. We Own a Phonics bus at home. Definitely a good one. However, I wanted something that DD can carry easily with her and is not heavy. So she wont be hurt even if she has to drop it by accident on her foot. So I have accepted the offer when Argos asked to review one of their Phonics toys in Peppa Pig Range.  Both of my daughters are Peppa pig Fans and I thought, Just because DD1 admires Peppa Pig a lot, She would definitely find this toys as a great fun to teach her sister Phonics and Alphabets. And it is the perfect time for DD 2 to get used to Alphabets as she is showing interest in learning words.
argos_logo Peppapig Logo
This Peppa Pig Fun Phonics Learning Game  is Yellow in colour. Finally there is a relief from All Pink shades. The Buttons are designed slightly bigger for the little fingers to feel comfortable with the buttons. Most of the words are linked to the Peppa Pig Family, So if your little one is a Fan of Peppa Pig, It will be easy for her to remember the association of a alphabet to the word.
Peppa Pig Argos 11
There are 8 different modes to learn through fun. So you and your little one will have endless fun listening to Peppa teach sounds, letters, phonics, spelling, colours, numbers and more.
As the Picture says,  there are 26 letter keys, an ABC alphabet Key, repeat and a music button.
  • The alphabet Key lights up the letters in sequence and recites the ‘phonics’ associated with the letter.
  • The music button plays a tune.
  • The repeat button, Just as we know, Repeats the last sequence
Peppa Pig Argos 12
At the top of the console there is a pointer to change the activity being played to one of eight options:
  1. Word associated with the letter(Read the Word Associated with the Letter-This is the Apple)
  2. phonics (says the letter sound and the word “A as in Apple”)
  3. picture identification (“find the Apple”)
  4. Find the First letter of a Word (“find the first letter of the word … Apple”)
  5. phonics finder (“find the letter that says ‘a’ as in Apple”)
  6. spelling (Can you Spell the Word “Apple”)
  7. follow-me (buttons light up and must be pressed within certain time )
  8. sounds (the sounds of the object associated with each letter)
DD 2 founds it very exciting about the Follow_me. Obviously she is still young to react to it within the time frame but giggles and laughs enjoying the sounds it makes when she is doing it right and wrong.
Though she is not familiar with all the alphabets yet, She could identify a few now like “a, a, for Apple”, “fa, fa for Fish” that we use on daily basis. As the Words associated with the letters are mostly from Peppa- Pig family, It is easy for the kids to remember and match as they might already be familiar with the characters.
The One thing about Phonics – Peppa Pig Toy goes with Fa and Na and NOT FFF and NNN. I have noticed Most schools following – FFF, NNN and NOT fa fa, or Na, Na – Including my DD’s School. I think This would be something you have to know about the phonics taught by this Toy.
It can be easily carried away so your little one can have it in the car and might be useful in long journeys.
Few things that could be there:
  • There is no Volume button so the toys almost stays in the same sound all the time. As it is not too loud or too low, this will be left unnoticed if you are happy with the sound
  • There is no ON/Off Button – But there is a Sleep timer built-in. So if the Toy is Idle for sometime, it goes to sleep. But then Wakes up when any button is pressed 🙂 as there is no way to switch it off
  • There could have been a colour mode as the toy has buttons in all the major colours.
Argos has a wonderful range of dream toys available right in time for Christmas.  So order now to avoid any last minute stress.
Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

Would you love to be fit and healthy? – Keep an Eye on your weight with Ozeri Digital Bathroom Scale

I have mentioned in one of my Posts earlier – I don’t need Gym! No dieting…No Exercise … Because I do enough running, jogging, push ups and pull ups everyday- All curtesy of DD 2.   BUT, I do need to keep myself fit and watch my weight all the time .

Me and Hubby are opposite Poles in weight gaining! ( Well, As of Now, Might change later.), I eat so much, But hardly crossed 60 Kgs.  But Hubby ! – No No No.. Stop…Stop Assuming., I don’t mean to say he eats Less. Absolutely not. If there is something yummy, I hardly get a little for me to taste. But he is a Star in putting on weight – just like that. So he tried/ tries and trying to be conscious and maintain his weight.

We have already reviewed few products from Ozeri, the Amazing thermal Glasses which are still most loved and I can’t think of my tea time without it and amazed my friends as well. The other one was the Turtle thermometer that makes bathtime fun for the kids

Ozeri Logo

This time, Ozeri asked us to review their new  Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale. We already own a manual/Analogue scale at home, Slightly smaller in Size, heavier. As we all know it is sometimes difficult to see the readings with Analogue Scales considering the fact that it is small in size.

So! How Ozeri Digital Bathroom Scale overcomes all these disadvantages!?

Ozeri Pre 2 Bathroom Scale 3

The Unique features of this Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale are

  • New Blue Backlit LCD screen with xBright technology provides immediate and easy to read results throughout the day.
  • New InstOn Technology captures the precise weight measurements upon contact (no tapping required).
  • Uses 4 high precision G sensors to weigh up to 440 pounds (200 kilograms) in 0.2lb or 0.1kg increments.
  • Award-winning design features an oversized weighing platform with impact-resistant tempered glass.
  • Automatically turns off to conserver battery life, and runs on 2 AAA batteries with battery indicator (batteries included).

Ozeri Pre 2 Bathroom Scale Picture 1

That explains everything. One of the thing I liked about this Bathroom Scale is, this came with the Batteries. I am not comfortable with buying products without batteries and then running around the house to look for batteries or snatching a few from Kids toys and feel Guilty later.

Being a Fragile item, It was delivered Well Packed – Secured enough for peace of mind during delivery.  The Blue Backlit is very powerful, Bright and Big that you dont have to take any stress to see the reading – Well, You might be stressed sometimes after seeing your Weight though, Just Like How Hubby Did!. But Would you blame the Scale for it? After all, it is trying to be Honest with you and letting you know that it is time for More Work-outs.

It is Bit oversized as mentioned in the Unique features but I kind of liked it. Makes it more comfortable to stand on it becasue of the space. But it is not heavy to lift, So I am happy with it. A Small Switch at the back is used to change the readings to Kg or Pound. It is think and has eye catching silver border that gives a great look for the scale.

Ozeri Pre Scale 1

We have compared the reading with our Analogue Scale and it was almost the same. I did have a chance to check my weight with GP as well and both the readings matched very close. There were only a few Grams difference, But Honestly whereever you go and whatever you use, you will face this situation. As far as it is not showing Few Pounds/Kgs plus and the difference in only in grams, I think we can definitely live with it.

Few things you might be interested to Note:

  • It is made of Glass so You need to be careful handling it.
  • The Glass on the Top is Shiny, So it is slippery and if you tend to use it in the Bathroom as mentioned, Be careful that you don’t step on with the wet foot and slip off.
  • As the Glass is Shiny, You will notice Marks on the glass soon. But it clears off easily with a wipe clean.

Ozeri Pre 2 Bathroom Scale Picture 2

After all, the Glossy Top is very Attractive that will tempt you to stand on it all the time and thus helps you monitor how good is your progress – Whether you scream out loud and give a smile after seeing your weight ! 🙂

Overall,  I found Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale as a good product and satisfied with the performance.  It is sold at Amazon UK from Ozeri Moderna at th price of RRP 29.95, But now on a great sale for Christmas at £18.95.

If you would like your partner to monitor the weight, This would be a perfect Christmas present for them. And Why to wait, Order today for intime Christmas Delivery.

You can find Ozeri on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for a Honest review. All the opinions are my own

Celebrate Christmas with Tesco – “Every little Helps” you to make a Wonderful day!

Christmas is coming, everyone out there is busy and someone are going Crazy with Christmas Shopping, What to cook, how to make in-laws happy on that day ! so and so…

To put me in comfort Zone, Tesco had asked me to review their Christmas products on Mummy and Cuties. So off I went shopping to see what is there in Tesco for me for Christmas. Indeed there was a huge collection of decorations and Christmas food items that I stood still and a bit confused of what to choose amongst all. I had a plan to buy some baubles, Reindeer and some Lights. But seeing so much, I was sure I will definitely over spend.


I was sure I have to buy the lights as the previous one we had stopped working for No reason …  And When I saw these  Tesco 100 Multi-Function Microlights, Multi-Coloured lights, I was sure to buy. They look so lovely.They were easy to unpack and very sturdy compared to others I have seen. A long line of lights plus a sensibly long ‘flex’ without lights to the adapter. They come with an inline control box with which you can alter the style of lighting your require. And the one big advantage is this light can be used Outdoor. So a chance for you to decorate your outdoor for Christmas Party.PR

The Next thing that attracted me was the Scandi Cable Knit Cushion Red Heart. It is and super soft and cosy and has a Christmas look. It is well Knitted and definitely look attractive.


And Off we went to get some Baubles I already have Red Baubles and wanted to have some Gold ones.   So I opted for  Assortment of 17 Festive Bauble Decorations in Christmas Tree Shaped Box – Gold. They are at a very  reasonable price of £4.99, has different designs on each of them and looks lovely.


There are more collections to decorate your home and prepare for Christmas Dinner and Party – Look here for the decorations around your home. They also have 3 for 2 for Christmas and Toys.
Over the festive period Tesco are raising funds for foodbank charity The Trussell Trust and food redistribution charity FareShare.  Together we can help feed people in need this Christmas. Please help them feed people in need by donating whatever you can afford.
Tesco cause
Dislaimer: I was sent £20 from Tesco to review Christmas shopping Experience and used it to pay partly for these items. All the opinions are my own.

Have a lovely Christmas – Still within budget – Poundland Christmas Decorations review

I do shop in Poundland and I love the way Poundland still helps me to buy brands with just a pound.  It is just amazing to see the range with such an afforable price.

As Christmas is fast approaching, every week end for the past 4 weeks goes in Christmas shopping and planning. To help me  ease the Shopping Chaos , Poundland had asked whether I could review their Christmas Decorations. How timely! It was just the right time to accpet the offer as I could stop thinking about having to go for shopping for new decorations and I happily accepted the offer. Really saved few hours of shopping.


Poundland_Title 1This Christmas Poundland  is bringing a huge range of collections. There are beautiful presents, decorations, stocking fillers, Yummy food  not to forget about mum, there are even cleaning products for the aftermath!

And Our package was delivered well packed and had lovely collections – Just perfect for decorating the Christmas tree.  And also there was a  pretty stocking for the little one. I was expecting a  few tree decorations and tinsels. But, it was a huge collection of Decorations, Garlands, Placemat, Table runner, a pretty stocking and few other bits.Poundland Collection

Red is something that always looks bright and beautiful on anything and everything. And it was so much in time that I was getting myself ready to go for shopping to get some Red and green decorations.  The quality is fantastic and they are available on somuch affordable price. You can have a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree within 10£ budget.

The Kids enjoyed decorating the tree and couldn’t wait until December 1st. Now the Christmas Tree is up and decorated but DD 2 still thinks why they just can’t be a toy for her and for what reason they are on the tree. So she keeps pulling it down and I am sure I am going to be busy until New year in putting those decorations back on the tree


The quality is Very Good and most of the decorations are avaialble in a pack of 3, 4 or 6 and costs just £1 a pop. I definitely know where I’ll be going for my Christmas decorations from now on!

They do have products in all ranges including Christmas Presents, Christmas Food, Christmas decorations and whatever you think of about Christmas.

Lets Go shopping and start saving.

Poundland Picture 1