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Learn Phonics with Peppa Pig – Peppa Pig Fun Phonics 2 Review

As I mentioned before, I am learning Phonics again with DD2. We Own a Phonics bus at home. Definitely a good one. However, I wanted something that DD can carry easily with her and is not heavy. So she wont be hurt even if she has to drop it by accident on her foot. So I have accepted the offer when Argos asked to review one of their Phonics toys in Peppa Pig Range.  Both of my daughters are Peppa pig Fans and I thought, Just because DD1 admires Peppa Pig a lot, She would definitely find this toys as a great fun to teach her sister Phonics and Alphabets. And it is the perfect time for DD 2 to get used to Alphabets as she is showing interest in learning words.
argos_logo Peppapig Logo
This Peppa Pig Fun Phonics Learning Game  is Yellow in colour. Finally there is a relief from All Pink shades. The Buttons are designed slightly bigger for the little fingers to feel comfortable with the buttons. Most of the words are linked to the Peppa Pig Family, So if your little one is a Fan of Peppa Pig, It will be easy for her to remember the association of a alphabet to the word.
Peppa Pig Argos 11
There are 8 different modes to learn through fun. So you and your little one will have endless fun listening to Peppa teach sounds, letters, phonics, spelling, colours, numbers and more.
As the Picture says,  there are 26 letter keys, an ABC alphabet Key, repeat and a music button.
  • The alphabet Key lights up the letters in sequence and recites the ‘phonics’ associated with the letter.
  • The music button plays a tune.
  • The repeat button, Just as we know, Repeats the last sequence
Peppa Pig Argos 12
At the top of the console there is a pointer to change the activity being played to one of eight options:
  1. Word associated with the letter(Read the Word Associated with the Letter-This is the Apple)
  2. phonics (says the letter sound and the word “A as in Apple”)
  3. picture identification (“find the Apple”)
  4. Find the First letter of a Word (“find the first letter of the word … Apple”)
  5. phonics finder (“find the letter that says ‘a’ as in Apple”)
  6. spelling (Can you Spell the Word “Apple”)
  7. follow-me (buttons light up and must be pressed within certain time )
  8. sounds (the sounds of the object associated with each letter)
DD 2 founds it very exciting about the Follow_me. Obviously she is still young to react to it within the time frame but giggles and laughs enjoying the sounds it makes when she is doing it right and wrong.
Though she is not familiar with all the alphabets yet, She could identify a few now like “a, a, for Apple”, “fa, fa for Fish” that we use on daily basis. As the Words associated with the letters are mostly from Peppa- Pig family, It is easy for the kids to remember and match as they might already be familiar with the characters.
The One thing about Phonics – Peppa Pig Toy goes with Fa and Na and NOT FFF and NNN. I have noticed Most schools following – FFF, NNN and NOT fa fa, or Na, Na – Including my DD’s School. I think This would be something you have to know about the phonics taught by this Toy.
It can be easily carried away so your little one can have it in the car and might be useful in long journeys.
Few things that could be there:
  • There is no Volume button so the toys almost stays in the same sound all the time. As it is not too loud or too low, this will be left unnoticed if you are happy with the sound
  • There is no ON/Off Button – But there is a Sleep timer built-in. So if the Toy is Idle for sometime, it goes to sleep. But then Wakes up when any button is pressed 🙂 as there is no way to switch it off
  • There could have been a colour mode as the toy has buttons in all the major colours.
Argos has a wonderful range of dream toys available right in time for Christmas.  So order now to avoid any last minute stress.
Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

Ozeri Bath Turle Thermometer – Glad I made this as my choice over the others

My Babies are water Babies. The love water and given a chance they would definitely love to live in water. They can stay in water for hours and hours and ignore my screams and shouts.

So, I let them have fun rather than moaning about it. All I have done is to make sure they are safe and warm when they are in water. Obviously there is a good age gap between the sisters so the Bath thermometer I have got for DD 1 was no good enough and I was on the hunt for some new thermometer – that is fast, fun and accurate and could give me peace of mind. So wanted something that makes bath time still more fun and safe as I was always worried about water being too hot when they are in or getting too cold after sometime.

I love online shopping than running around the shops and Amazon and eBay are my first choices. So found the cutest Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer sold by Ozeri   and purchased it with the hope that it will make bath time fun and safe and Does he do so!? a BIG YES.

Isn’t he cute? The Kids love him – He is been named “Turto” and is the best bath toy for about an year now.

Turtle Meter 1

Except the fact that he is now undergoing general wear and tear, He sill shows the temperature accurately and gives kids a great bath time fun.

He has 3 coloured display, Blue for too cold water, Green for Just the right and Red for Too Hot.. So we compare it (Kind of) to the traffic signal and Say No to get in for Red and yes to have fun for Green and Blue is hardly seen at bath time.

Turtle Meter Display

He works on Batteries but proved to be very safe in water and for the kids.

The Special Features of the Turtlemeter:

  • Introducing the “Turtlemeter,” safe and fun for child and mom, a happy bath for your little one!
  • Instantly Activates in Water, Floats Naturally and Fully Submersible.
  • Fun and Safe Bath Toy that doubles as a Bath Thermometer.
  • Checks the bath Water temperature every second and display it in Fahrenheit on an easy-to-read LCD.
  • Display Water Temperature with 3 Screen Colors: Blue for Cold, Green for Just Right, and Red for Hot.

This turtle meter is with us for nearly an year now and still good. We make sure we try it with a damp cloth after every use, so may be that helps for its to serve us for this long time. It is slightly faded now – may be because I over clean it 🙂 otherwise it is still good. Worth the cost I paid for it. Could it be improved as a Moving/Swimming turtle!? – Would buy another one if that’s the case 🙂

“Stamptastic” the Fantastic – Review

There have been 2 Cardigans, A summer hat, a water bottle and a lunch box missed so far just for this year.Even if they are found, they can not be returned to the right person because, most times, the label just disappears without our notice. Sometimes it gets mixed up with other kids clothing and if they don’t have a label as well, We are done.
I tried the Iron on ones. Though they work well, I feel it takes a bit longer when there are so many to be named and sometimes it slips off the place . I tried with ballpoint pens but after a few washes it just decides to fade off. And all these will happen exactly by those few days when we miss to notice that the label is missing from the things and it will just be lost! How Pathetic!.  I can not afford time now for Sewing and I try to avoid using the needles as much as I can as DD 2 is just around me almost all the time.
Stamptastic All
So, there comes Stamptastic the Fantastic to the Rescue. They are just amazing and all the naming is done in no time.  This is a personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics. The stamps has transparent block for accurate, easy positioning.
Stamptastic 1
Unique features of Stamptastic
  • A new fast way of naming all your belongings!
  • A personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics.
  • No more sewing or ironing on labels. No more losing
  • your pencil case or P.E. kit!
  • Now you can just stamp everything!
  • Transparent block for accurate, easy positioning.
  • The ink will last wash after wash.

So that Explains everything Why this Stamp is so Unique and just perfect for back to School and indeed it proves everything.  The Stamping was fun, quick and perfect. DD loved the way I was doing the naming in no time and wanted to have a go. But I need to make her read the instructions and let her know that the Ink is not suitable for children and she is indeed a very understanding child. And she could now hardly wait for her time to do the Stamping.   The Transparent Block helps you position accurately as you can see through it.

Stamptastic 2

The Ink dries quickly on cloths and any fabric material, takes a bit more time on Plastic and other polished surfaces. So you need a little patience and bit more careful while you are naming the water bottle and school bag like things.  For a long life, the Ink pad is better kept in the protective wrap it came with.

I have also tested it on the coats, PE kit, Tie and winter hat for about 3 weeks now and ink stays longer and stronger and hasn’t faded yet. So it is worth the money and definitely saves your time.

The Ink Pad costs 10£ and each stamp costs 8£. With Christmas coming soon, It will be a perfect personalised Christmas Gift for any little one and mum a bit of time and keep her away from Sewing.   Have fun Stamping from Stamptastic.

Stamptastic Logo

Disclaimer: The full name is not shown in the pictures. we were supplied with 2 stamps and 1 ink pad for the purpose of this review. I haven’t been paid for this post.  All words, opinions and pictures are our own

Junior Scholars – Learning Phonics with Leapfrog – Phonics factory

After a Quite Lon….g time,  I have recollected Phonics from teaching DD 1, 7 years before,. And now I am refreshing again with DD2. We have a phonis bus at home but was looking for something different for DD2 and Junior Scholars asked us to review  Leap frog letter factory Phonics.  This is a new version of the Fridge Phonics System and the Cute basket is a plus that keeps all the letters in one place unless you purposely hide them somewhere. heyyy… are all safe in the basket So I don’t have to run around the pieces.

Picture JS 1This comes in the Traditional Leap Frog green colour with White and has a cube for each letter in the Alphabet. So you get 26 cubes ( I am right Isn’t it, I have counted and confirmed with DD2). Each Letter has a song  and are designed big enough for the little hands to press. She needs a little help to keep the letter in place but eventually learnt it sooner than I expected.  She is good in Tidy up, so she makes sure she puts back as many letters as she can in the basket once she feels like having some rest.

JS LF Picture1

It teaches both letter sound and the Phonics sound a with a song. My cooking time song on most of the times now is  – “A say A , A says a …”,

There is a also a full Phonics song button and when pressed the Phonics song is played in full. DD 2 loves to dance for it now.

And, as a great addition, it does have a volume button so when you really want a peace of time while watching TV, You can let them play a bit far away from you and still watch TV without getting attracted and distracted to the Phonics 🙂

JS LF Picture 21

The one this that could have been  improved is  – if the letter had a magnet or the base had one,It  can go on some magnetic board or the fridge for a while  so they can spell their name or so and have some fun. And I could also teach a word for each letter. Otherwise it is a great Christmas Present for your little one.

You can buy this toy from Junior Scholars – Leap frog letter factory Phonics  at a retail price of 14.99. Junior Scholars also has a great range of Educational toys for your little one to get them engaged during term holidays, so you get some rest 🙂 and they also have a good collection for Special Needs.

Best Fit, Comfort and still Stylish – Clarks Shoes Review

I love Clarks Shoes. Best Fit, Stylish Look and still comfortable. I prefer to buy DD1’s School shoes from Clarks mainly because she is going to wear them longer during term days, she is going to walk with it, run with it and even sometimes cycle with it to school and not to forget – play with it in the park. So for me the main thing I look for her school shoes is comfort and best fit.

Clarks 1

And for both my daughters, their first shoes were from Clarks to make them get Confident on walking. I agree, Clarks are bit expensive but Whenever I buy from them I am sure they are worth it.

Now, As we are shivering in winter (heaters are already burning at home), I was in need of a nice shoes/boots for DD2 and it was  shopping time last weekend. How fast the kids grow. You will never realise until you see them exploring things on their own and show their interest in shopping what they want.

Our Nearest Clarks is a bit small in size but they do have good number of collections in affordable range. She loved all that is in Pink, glittery and ofcourse the one with lights on them. I could never imagine that the 20 months old would show so much interest and patience in trying different shoes oh her little foot. I should have captured the moment, unlucky, my iPhone died 😦

I feel more comfortable in measuring their feet and buying the shoes that just fit them perfect  and that’s one of the reasons I love Clarks.

Given a chance she would have taken everything home but we kind of convinced her with the Giggle Jog FST for now. These are the special features of this shoe.. more girly and that’s what is been liked 🙂

  •  An unashamedly girly look, these girls’ trainers from our First Shoes collection are great for little feet on the move.
  • In hot pink leather with pretty, glittery appliqués they fasten with two riptape straps for a secure, adjustable fit.
  • Kids will love the flashing Lights in the grippy rubber sole and the added benefit of antimicrobial Agion linings helps banish bacteria.
  • Available in whole and half sizes. “

She loves it and as with all the kids, forgot all the other shoes at home and pick this up for out and about.

Clarks 21

Clarks has a wide range of collection on Kids Shoes and Boots  and you can browse them here at Kids- boots

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to try out some shoes and used the voucher to part- pay this item.

EVA Interlocking Section Playmat – Review

DD2 is very active and the world’s greatest explorer, but sometimes she would like to sit quietly in one corner and have her own time with her toys like how mummy wants to have her time to watch her favourite program on TV.

Recentlly, I have been asked to review EVA Interlocking Section Playmat the from The Homeware Shop. I thought it would be something to keep her warm in winter while she is on the floor plyaing with her toys.

It is a small Playmat which has 9 interlocking pieces of lovely colours but sufficient for the little ones to play.  It could protect your carpet from the accidental spills and can dry quickly as well so would be an ideal floor protector and safety item for children.  Each piece measures9 pieces s 29.5 x 29.5cm APPROX 88.5cm squared. If you need a bigger one, It can be Extended as per your need and you could cover your living room floor in full if you wish to at an affordable cost.

pLAY mAT 1

The Good thing about this mat is, it is quite spongy and the interlocking concept is something that could leave the little hands innovative. DD 1 loves to lock the pieces so No two adjacent pieces are of same colour and try to get different combinations. And DD2 just tries to follow the big sister and do her best.

It is a bit small to accommodate both of them but sufficient for the little one to have her own space during playtime . You can take it anywhere when you are out and about – and thinking about it, The one thing that can be improved is a zip lock to store the pieces so it is easy to take them with you.

Play Mat 2

The Homeware Shop has wide range of all the homewares you would need for your home – Kitchen, Bathroom, bedroom – You name it.  There is a huge range on every department and they are reasonably priced.

So Why to wait! Let’s go have a great shopping and still save money.

Disclaimer: I have been sent this product for a honest review. All opinions are my own.