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Our Dream Home – A glance of how it would be

Sure…. Everyone out there has a dream home in Mind and dream about owning it sometime soon. Well, I (we) do have one , ideally at beach side as a lovely Beach House. But it is going to be expensive isn’t it? Would we be able to afford it? Let’s leave it to the time and right now,  No one can stop us from dreaming about our dream house and how would you decorate it.

A lovely feature that we would be impressed to have is a Spacious living room with the Veranda on the side. A swimming pool is nice to have – but  I would reconsider as there is a  Nature given Big Swimming Pool out there. A well decorated fire place with the Home theater system would make it perfectly beautiful.  I would love to have more windows and Doors and less Brick work to enjoy the Beach view to the fullest.

So, What do you think about this!? No more words to explain how I would want it to be.  Just How I would imagine it should be.

home 4

Or may be something like this… Just adorable is it not?

home 3

And would you leave it just without doing anything on the interiors. Definitely not! We will definitely go for Bi-Folding Doors between the living room and the Veranda. And “Express Bi-Folding Doors” are making the best Bi-Folding Doors to meet your needs.

I see a great advantage in having the Bi-Folding Doors. You just fold them to have great open space and yet still the doors are less likely to be seen  and when you feel like having a private space you still have the option of separating the Veranda and the living room.

home 2

They are perfect for both Home and Business. Either it is your holiday home or a home in the city, these doors are just Perfect, Easy to use, Durable. Some great advantage you benefit from having these doors are

  • Transform two rooms into one.
  • Extensive access to outdoor areas.
  • Create alternative spaces for you home
  • Maximize the space in your business

So everything makes it a beautiful , Spacious and just how you would like it to be.

home 5

Is it not something we all want to have. Well, Dream high, Dream bigger and Live your dreams, It will be granted one day for real.

Express Bi-Folding Doors has more options to suit your needs and dreams. visit them here.

Best Mum Vs Worst(est)!!! Mum – anybody out there

Just wondering whether there are any other Mums out there who are just the worst(est) mum  like me!

Well, Don’t look at me like that Please.. I have been the Best Mum as well MANY times. But only when I ask her Zip the Coat I would become the Worst(est) Mum.

When I give her a Choclate as a treat I am the Best(est) Mum, But When I don’t give permission for the second Choclate, everything that happened few minutes before will just be forgotten and I will be praised as the Worst(est) Mum ever in the whole world. I really like the way it is mentioned on both ends “You are the Best(worst)(est) Mum In the Whole World”

It doesn’t stop there though. When I bake with her few Cup Cakes I am the Best(est) Mum….. don’t forget to read it as ” Best(est) Mum in the whole world). But when I ask her to help tidying up the mess, You know what I would be! 🙂

When I let her watch TV for half an hour after school… definitely I am the Best(est) Mum with loads of hugs and Kisses, But just for that Half an hour though! :(, I willl suddenly be featured as a Bad Witch after that half an hour and will be declared as the Worst(est) Mum 😦

But, Above All, I still love being a Mum and enjoy every Moment of it…

Would love to hear from the Best (worst) (est) Mum around the world who are just like me.