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Christmas Gift Guide – Braun

Have 8 More sleeps before Christmas  – Most of us would be shopping for gifts and preparing for Christmas.

Braun Logo

Here is few amazing products from Braun that I have received as gifts and thought you might also like them.

Braun SkinSpa

For the beauty addict- the Braun SkinSpa combines epilation and exfoliation in one handy beauty tool! This beauty innovation delivers touchably smoother and visibly more radiant skin, to leave legs looking silky-smooth and ready to show off.

Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa epilator key features

Wet & Dry

Can be used in bath or shower for extra comfort and a soothing experienceWet & dry


Sonic exfoliation technology

More than 3000 miSonic exfoliation technologycro-vibrations per minute exfoliate your skin 4x more effectively than a manual treatment alone.

Skin refinement brush – visibly improved skin appearance

High density brush
10.000 fine bristles gently sweep away dead skin cells and stimulate the regeneration of the skin surface.

Skin refinement brush – visibly improved skin appearance
Ergonomic angle
Enables convenient use on all body areas.

Epilation – long-lasting smoothness

Epilation – long-lasting smoothness
Close-Grip Technology
Removes hair even as short as a grain of sand (0.5mm).
High frequency massage system
Activately stimulates your skin for an extra gentle epilation.
Pivoting head
Smoothly adapts to your body contours.

Reveals even the finest hair for extra thorough removal.

The Next one is the Braun SensoCare Styler

A World 1st  in hair care, the Braun SensoCare is designed to tailor the ‘hair experience’ and protect  individual hair needs. A temperature sensor to ensure the correct moisture levels are being maintained, as well as a speed sensor to ensure the correct temperature is in action- whilst still delivering unbeatable styling results. From silky smooth to bouncy curls, this Styler is set to be the must-have beauty gadget for 2014!


Finally, you can take your style to the limit, styling as often as you like with ultimate heat protection. The Braun SensoCare styler is a world’s 1st.

Thanks to SensoCare’s automatic temperature adaption and better gliding, you have longer-lasting results and healthy-looking, shiny hair.

Both Products are available from Major Supermarkets and it would make a perfect Christmas present for your Girlfriend/Wife.

Enjoy Christmas with Leapfrog – Toys for all Ages

Getting the right gift for the kids is not an easy job. And when there is someone who has already found a perfect gift for your little one and just makes your job easy, would you rather not be very happy?

Here at Leapfrog, there are toys for all the ages and just perfect makes toy hunting for Christmas easy. So let’s have a Green Christmas with Leapfrog.


LONDON – AUGUST, 2013LeapFrog  toys will no doubt be top of many kids’ Christmas lists this year, so Santa will need to stock up on LeapPad Ultras, LeapReaders and Read with me Scouts –  to name but a few of the exciting products launched by LeapFrog this year.

The leading educational entertainment specialists have something to cater for every need, every taste and every budget – from top of the wanted list to a host of stocking fillers and smaller gifts all developed by LeapFrog’s highly qualified team of learning experts.

The BIG Gift

There’s always one big gift finale to build up to on Christmas Day and top of the wanted list this year will be LeapPad Ultra – the ultimate learning tablet that all the kids’ are talking about!

LeapPadAlready widely tipped as a top seller this Christmas by retailers such as Argos, The Entertainer and Hamleys, LeapPad Ultra is the new ‘must have’ kids tablet and an exciting addition to the No.1 LeapPad family*. Launched by children’s TV double act Dick & Dom, this Wi-Fi connected tablet is the only kids’ tablet with a tough seven inch touch screen, along with other key features including a 100% kid-safe web browser and a learning library of 500+ educator-approved games, apps and more. Kids can also connect tablets for peer-to-peer gaming as well as send personal messages to other tablets in a safe, controlled environment.

Recommended for children aged four to nine years old, LeapPad Ultra features a long-lasting rechargeable battery, two megapixel front and back cameras and video recorders, plus a huge 8 GB of storage for photos, apps, videos and more, which equates to up to 40,000 images! It is not just everything kids love, it is everything parents want too. It is 100% kid safe, kid-tough, longer lasting and offers a wealth of content options meaning that this portable device will stand the test of time for any child and can be updated with new games and apps as they grow older.

Best of all, it is ready to use straight out of the box on Christmas morning!  RRP £119.99


LeapReader is a revolutionary and interactive learn-to-read-and-write solution offering three unique literacy experiences in one – Learning to Read, Learning to Write and Learning Through Listening.  LeapReader is the perfect Christmas gift for parents or relatives looking to develop a child’s reading and writing skills.


Suitable for children aged four to eight years, LeapReader provides interactive guidance by reading aloud words and sentences when the stylus touches the story pages. It also offers the added excitement of ‘mess-free’ writing via interactive paper which is only compatible with the LeapReader stylus. Children can trace letters, words and numbers through stroke by stroke audio guidance, encouraging children to write on their own as well as read. LeapReader also challenges children with comprehension questions ensuring they become fully immersed in any story they are reading.

LeapReader brings some of the most popular children’s licenses to life with a vast range of interactive content including Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Brave and an exclusive 3D Monsters University book.

Forty books or over 175 songs can be stored at a time with LeapReader. You can keep adding new content and experiences for your child as they grow and develop their skill set. There are over 100 ‘learning experiences’ available for LeapReader, including books, audio books, flash cards, maps, learn to write sets, music albums and trivia challenges. Available at  RRP £39.99


Aimed at two – five year olds, Read with Me Scout and Read with Me Violet are the latest lovable additions to the popular LeapFrog Scout & Violet family. This Christmas gift not only guarantees little learners a new cuddly best friend, it is also gives them the perfect reading companion to help build early comprehension, listening and vocabulary skills. It does this by making story time interactive. Children can open one of the five colourfully illustrated board books that come with Scout and Violet and push their collar to hear the story read out loud. Each pet, pad, squeeze and hug of Scout or Violet sees them respond to over 70 questions designed to build those core reading and comprehension skills critical for success in preschool and beyond.

ScottScout and Violet are the perfect pals to sing with, play with, read with and go on imaginative adventures with – there is even a night time mode which soothes your little one to sleep with lullabies. Available at RRP £29.99


With LeapFrog’s Scribble and Write, children can learn how to write upper and lowercase letters and numbers in a mess free environment – a perfect addition from Santa’s sleigh on Christmas morning.

ScribbleThis innovative product provides stroke-by-stoke guidance encouraging children to trace over the shown lights to create a letter or number. It has an easy-to-grip stylus pen to fit perfectly in little hands and provides instant accuracy feedback on shapes and proper stroke order along the way.

Suitable for children aged three plus, this device also helps children explore letter sounds, counting and much more. It uses a retraceable surface and is easily portable to allow little ones to play and practice wherever they go.  Available at RRP £19.99

Tea Party

Little learners will be able to give parents their first cup of tea on Christmas morning with the new Musical Rainbow Tea Party!  This new release encourages role play and teaches children how to count as well as share with ten play pieces, including two tea cups, six colourful cake pieces, a cake plate and a teapot.


Children will love learning with the Musical Rainbow Tea Party! The lovable light-up teapot bubbles with personality and lights up in six rainbow colours. It also features real tea time brewing and pouring ‘tea’ sound effects. The Musical Rainbow Tea Party also features more than 50 songs for little ones to sing along to which adds to imaginative play and makes for a very special tea party for little learners and their tea guests.

Available at  RRP £19.99


The Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil app toy is the perfect stocking filler! This breakthrough app toy helps turn your current iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into the ultimate learn-to-write entertainment solution for little ones.

writeChildren use the free included app and adorable Mr Pencil stylus to enter a world of handwriting adventures! They can learn letter writing, number writing and shape drawing along with Mr. Pencil and the denizens of Doodleburg in a fun and engaging way. Children can use the easy grip stylus to unlock over 85 writing activities in the app. As they complete activities, they help decorate the town of Doodleburg for a celebratory parade.  The adorable Mr Pencil is ideal for keeping little ones entertained and learning on the move.

RRP £14.99

LeapFrog Creativity Camera

Christmas photographs will have a new look this year should any children receive the LeapFrog Creativity Camera! This ideal stocking filler consists of a protective case and app which turns your current iOS device into the ultimate kid friendly camera.

Designed for children aged three to six, the protective camera case covers and protects an adult’s iPhone or iPod touch, whilst also protecting their stored data. The camera unlocks six creativity modes for children to enjoy so you can let their imagination run wild. They can edit photos to create their own perfect works of art and also create photo books and learn about colours, ABC’s and emotions as well as play games.

RRP £14.99

So let’s have a Green Christmas with Leapfrog.

Christmas @ Junior Scholars

So, How is your Christmas list growing!? Are you going insane in finding the right gift for the kids!? Or you are having fun!? Have you sent  the list to Santa yet!?

Oh Well, Here is some toys from Santa’s list that he has already been kept ready for Christmas delivery. And Junior Scholars are giving a hand for Santa during those tight delivery Schedules and here is the top 10 toys that are getting popular in Santa’s store.

Logo 3

We kick off with a couple of popular ideas for our youngest scholars (0 to 2+ years):

Baby Scholars

1. Baby Einstein World Around Me Discovery Cards, Letters & numbers.

These educational cards are great for introducing letters and numbers on the go or while you are ‘killing time’, such as at a supermarket checkout. These can also be used to assist in foreign language learning. The colours and designs go down well too.  More Info >>

baby Einstein 1

2. Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers. 

Wet shapes stick to the tub wall to spell words or add numbers. Baby will learn through play, naturally.

These wildly popular bath letters are such a great solution to bath time. When wet these letters will stick to the bath or to the wall, making bath time fun, educational and less stress for parents – a winner all around!  More info >>

Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers.


3. Letter Factory Phonics from Leapfrog. 

Sound assisted letter learning from the popular brand. These interactive letters make learning the alphabet and words fun. Try connecting to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for even more ideas. More info >>


4. Counting Caterpillars Game from Orchard Toys 

This brand new product promotes manual dexterity, concentration, memory skills, while improving the child’s number abilities. It’s also an educational game without sounds…which some parents might be drawn to!  More info >>

5. Dinosaur Numbers 1 – 25 Jigsaw from Lanka Kade Fair Trade Products.

This colourful puzzle is a high quality game which teaches numbers up to 25, and is a fun way to improve fine motor skills.  More info >>

Primary School Age

6. ZOOB 35 and 55  Building and Modelling Sets. 

ZOOB pieces snap together to form fantastic models. Start with the small kits and work up to big packs of 250 pieces or more!

Model making that allows children to become the toymakers themselves! With the flexible nature of the joints in the Zoob system, kids can also play with their constructions afterwards. Very popular with children of all ages, and parents too.  More Info >>


7. LeapPad Ultra from Leapfrog Toys 

Child-friendly educational tablet from this leading electronic toy company. Learning games draw from 2,600 skills in subjects like reading, writing and mathematics. Play with game cartridges or download apps directly to the tablet which is Wi-Fi enabled.  LeapPad Ultra includes 11 apps (on board and downloadable): Photo Fun Ultra, Art Studio Ultra, Pet Pad Party, Utility Suite, Pet Chat and more.  Read our review here >>


8. Learn To Write with Mr Pencil from Leapfrog Toys 

Fun letter and number writing, as well as shape drawing with this interactive tablet stylus for children. Use as App for  iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® – the ultimate learn-to-write tool.  More Info >>


Year Six And Up

9. Horrible Science Explosive Experiments from Galt Toys.

Six chances for your child to make something cool, like a lava lamp, a fizz bomb or mix up some seriously slimy snot! Includes a Top Secret Lab Notebook as well.

The thing we like about Explosive Experiments is that the kit wows all onlookers and encourages kids of all ages to connect with science.  More info >>


10. Spa Science from Galt Toys. 

A Spa kit that makes bath time fun and relaxing! Kids can create their own scented bath and aromatherapy oils, face scrubs, soap, potions and create cool gifts for their friends. A refreshing spa and beauty twist to the popular chemistry set toy for girls. So why not spice up bath time with some sweet-smelling aromas.  More info >>


So Why to Wait! Let’s make a quick list to Santa now.