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Thanks very much for taking time to visit us today. We have now got our own place and moved to http://www.mummyandthecuties.com. Please head over to http://www.mummyandthecuties.com and you will still have a warm welcome and have a chance to read great contents.

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Mummy and the Cuties.


Hi to the world of Wonderful Parenthood!

I am Malar, Married,  Mum of two precious angels Srishti and Mridini

Srishti is 7 and expert in finding all the excuses to bunk the school, to skip the homework and to get attached to the TV or  my iPhone all the time. Mridu, Just not yet 2, is finding herself always busy on the experiment of ” How to Keep Mum busy all the time”

It is always nice to share the thing that makes you smile, think positive and face the life with a beautiful smile though there are loads of hurdles on the way.

Drop in and read the stories to have a smile. I will share about any freebies and competition  that I find legit. I also do product reviews of toys, gadgets etc. And I ofcourse love cooking…. 🙂 whenever I find some spare time. If you would like to know about some delicious Indian Recipes, Do drop in a note and I will provide you with a quick note on how to make it

Welcome to Blogging world Mummy

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