Is “Healthy Eating” one of your New year Resolutions!?, Then Keep it up with “Tesco Healthy Living range”

As a Mum and a stay at home mum,  I always strive hard to provide my family healthy eating options and always on the hunt for what is available and how to make them taste better and most lovable. And most Importantly, it is top on the list of my New Year Resolution.

Sure,  there are many of us out there who would like to have healthy eating life style despite of the busy times around the life. And to help us all, Tesco has their New “Healthy Eating Range” in Store and Online with plenty of choices both in Veg and Non-veg and ofcourse without compromising the taste. How appropriate and just the right time when everyone of us is seriously trying to stick onto our resolutions.


Last November,  I had been invited to Tesco healthy living Event to try out some of the Healthy eating options from Tesco Healthy living Range,  I was very happy to be there for the event and not to be surprised, Hubby was more keen than me to see what is in store for him. He is more health conscious, dieting and trying to keep fit, looking always for the healthy eating options – you name it. So Mummy and the Cuties were at the event to explore the options to  help mum Cook Less but still eat healthy and Definitely Yes – at an affordable cost.


It was beautifully Presented that your taste buds could just wait no more. Usually, there is less options for vegetarians, but Tesco Healthy living range has generous options for vegetarians too so you are not left to starve and this is what impressed hubby the most.

Tesco Healthy living 14

All the options are carefully prepared with low calories, Low fat, Low Salt and Low Sugar – If it is not to the Lowest you would expect, it is definitely to a minimum as possible and will definitely be the choice for the people who are carefully watching out the eating habits and healthy maintainance.

One of everyone’s favourite was the Chicken laksa noodles which has only 261 Calories that is much lesser than any other food with Chicken and Noodles.

Tesco Healthy living5

And the other choice was the vegetarian one – Spicy Butternut Squash with the Fruity Pilaf. This one had just the right amount of Spice in it tasted Yummy.

Tesco Healthy living6

And for the Fish one, there was Tuna Crunch and Wholemeal Pasta... Never to say No.. it was perfectly made.

Tesco Healthy living7

And don’t stop there and don’t even think that desserts does not fall under healthy living range. There are good choices of yougurts and DD 2 is now a big fan of it. The pictures prove them all.  She managed to finish atleast 4 cups of them and was still angry with someone for (kindly) taking the empty cup from her! I was amazed with the taste yet the delicious taste and the lower calories it could offer. Tesco Healthy living8

There are still more choices and you can browse  here the Tesco healthy living Range for anything you would like from the starter to the soup, halting at main meal and finishing with dessert, Tesco Healthy living has a choice for you. And I am sure you will just not be stopping like the one below.

Tesco Healthy living9


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