Long life School Uniforms – Trutex School Uniforms Review

I love my School days, But honestly except for those uniforms :). Not because I have to wear the same uniform every day at school, But, the colour fades and the uniform looks dull sooner from the first day of the New Uniforms.

When DD 1 started school, I really wanted to buy uniforms from the School Shops than the Supermarket just becasue I thought, the Quality of the School Uniform shops should be atleast slightly better than the one we buy from the supermarkets. DD1 is a messy baby, she likes to explore any new things, play with paint, palay in Mud and you name it. So All I was left to do was constant washing and ironing of the school uniforms.

So when Trutex sent me some of their uniform to try, I couldn’t wait to see how good the quality of the garments is and ofcourse how long lasting they are. especially because, Trutex is an established brand that claims it’s uniforms are  “made to last” and “colours stay true wash after wash”.

Trutex logo

They have Sent DD 1 a Cardigan, Trousers and Non-iron Blouse.

The Cardigan felt very soft, well fit. It was cotton based so makes it comfortable for DD to wear. It is also bleded  with acrylic and nylon for colour and shape retention. DD1 fits for 9-10 Size. So the Cardigan that was sent was perfectly fitting her and she was very happy to wear it to school. I am sure she will run out of it soon :). They are definitely long lasting, so if you would like your child to wear it for quite sometime, then I would advise you to go for the next size to the one they usually wear. The Bottle Green colour was just as expected and I was not disapoointed with the colour and quality. As I mentioned before, I need to wash the School Uniform quite often in a week and this Cardigan is been washed many times and still has the stiffness and quality in it. I was bit worried that it might shrink after the wash, But glad it didn’t and came out of the wash just as it and fresh as new.

Trutex 1

The long sleeve non iron katie collar blouse is Bright white and had a lovely Girly Cut and looked beautiful on her. The “Non-iron” promise was tested well and It stays neat for quite a good number of washes so you don’t have to bother about ironing it after every wash. They had been washed atleast 10 times now and still look good as New. I gave a slight Iron to the shirts after about 5 washes just not to put them under pressure so much to stay Neat with No effort from me. The cuffs and collars are still Stiff and Sturdy 🙂

The trousers is pressed leg and zip fly front and Boot cut. It has a pocket under front waistband so DD collects her Treasures there ! 🙂 You obviously know what they are… All the Stones and leaves and flowers.  So I need to check the Pocket before giving it a wash all the time :(. They have Double stitch detail around the waistband and makes them look nice. The stitching all around is neat and strong. The only disadvantage I noticed is, they are not adjustable waist so has to be more careful about the waist size while ordering.

trutex 2

Overall, The quality is the BEST and the Garments are lasting longer definitely wash after wash. They look Bright as New. I have been using them for atleast 5 weeks now and still not disappointed in anyways. It is highly recommended from Mummy and the Cuties. And they are the Carbon Neutral people so gets all our likes and thumbs up!


Trutex uniforms are available from most of your local stores. Why not check out your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform and get your uniform ready for the new term?


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