Learn Phonics with Peppa Pig – Peppa Pig Fun Phonics 2 Review

As I mentioned before, I am learning Phonics again with DD2. We Own a Phonics bus at home. Definitely a good one. However, I wanted something that DD can carry easily with her and is not heavy. So she wont be hurt even if she has to drop it by accident on her foot. So I have accepted the offer when Argos asked to review one of their Phonics toys in Peppa Pig Range.  Both of my daughters are Peppa pig Fans and I thought, Just because DD1 admires Peppa Pig a lot, She would definitely find this toys as a great fun to teach her sister Phonics and Alphabets. And it is the perfect time for DD 2 to get used to Alphabets as she is showing interest in learning words.
argos_logo Peppapig Logo
This Peppa Pig Fun Phonics Learning Game  is Yellow in colour. Finally there is a relief from All Pink shades. The Buttons are designed slightly bigger for the little fingers to feel comfortable with the buttons. Most of the words are linked to the Peppa Pig Family, So if your little one is a Fan of Peppa Pig, It will be easy for her to remember the association of a alphabet to the word.
Peppa Pig Argos 11
There are 8 different modes to learn through fun. So you and your little one will have endless fun listening to Peppa teach sounds, letters, phonics, spelling, colours, numbers and more.
As the Picture says,  there are 26 letter keys, an ABC alphabet Key, repeat and a music button.
  • The alphabet Key lights up the letters in sequence and recites the ‘phonics’ associated with the letter.
  • The music button plays a tune.
  • The repeat button, Just as we know, Repeats the last sequence
Peppa Pig Argos 12
At the top of the console there is a pointer to change the activity being played to one of eight options:
  1. Word associated with the letter(Read the Word Associated with the Letter-This is the Apple)
  2. phonics (says the letter sound and the word “A as in Apple”)
  3. picture identification (“find the Apple”)
  4. Find the First letter of a Word (“find the first letter of the word … Apple”)
  5. phonics finder (“find the letter that says ‘a’ as in Apple”)
  6. spelling (Can you Spell the Word “Apple”)
  7. follow-me (buttons light up and must be pressed within certain time )
  8. sounds (the sounds of the object associated with each letter)
DD 2 founds it very exciting about the Follow_me. Obviously she is still young to react to it within the time frame but giggles and laughs enjoying the sounds it makes when she is doing it right and wrong.
Though she is not familiar with all the alphabets yet, She could identify a few now like “a, a, for Apple”, “fa, fa for Fish” that we use on daily basis. As the Words associated with the letters are mostly from Peppa- Pig family, It is easy for the kids to remember and match as they might already be familiar with the characters.
The One thing about Phonics – Peppa Pig Toy goes with Fa and Na and NOT FFF and NNN. I have noticed Most schools following – FFF, NNN and NOT fa fa, or Na, Na – Including my DD’s School. I think This would be something you have to know about the phonics taught by this Toy.
It can be easily carried away so your little one can have it in the car and might be useful in long journeys.
Few things that could be there:
  • There is no Volume button so the toys almost stays in the same sound all the time. As it is not too loud or too low, this will be left unnoticed if you are happy with the sound
  • There is no ON/Off Button – But there is a Sleep timer built-in. So if the Toy is Idle for sometime, it goes to sleep. But then Wakes up when any button is pressed 🙂 as there is no way to switch it off
  • There could have been a colour mode as the toy has buttons in all the major colours.
Argos has a wonderful range of dream toys available right in time for Christmas.  So order now to avoid any last minute stress.
Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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