Celebrate Christmas with Tesco – “Every little Helps” you to make a Wonderful day!

Christmas is coming, everyone out there is busy and someone are going Crazy with Christmas Shopping, What to cook, how to make in-laws happy on that day ! so and so…

To put me in comfort Zone, Tesco had asked me to review their Christmas products on Mummy and Cuties. So off I went shopping to see what is there in Tesco for me for Christmas. Indeed there was a huge collection of decorations and Christmas food items that I stood still and a bit confused of what to choose amongst all. I had a plan to buy some baubles, Reindeer and some Lights. But seeing so much, I was sure I will definitely over spend.


I was sure I have to buy the lights as the previous one we had stopped working for No reason …  And When I saw these  Tesco 100 Multi-Function Microlights, Multi-Coloured lights, I was sure to buy. They look so lovely.They were easy to unpack and very sturdy compared to others I have seen. A long line of lights plus a sensibly long ‘flex’ without lights to the adapter. They come with an inline control box with which you can alter the style of lighting your require. And the one big advantage is this light can be used Outdoor. So a chance for you to decorate your outdoor for Christmas Party.PR

The Next thing that attracted me was the Scandi Cable Knit Cushion Red Heart. It is and super soft and cosy and has a Christmas look. It is well Knitted and definitely look attractive.


And Off we went to get some Baubles I already have Red Baubles and wanted to have some Gold ones.   So I opted for  Assortment of 17 Festive Bauble Decorations in Christmas Tree Shaped Box – Gold. They are at a very  reasonable price of £4.99, has different designs on each of them and looks lovely.


There are more collections to decorate your home and prepare for Christmas Dinner and Party – Look here for the decorations around your home. They also have 3 for 2 for Christmas and Toys.
Over the festive period Tesco are raising funds for foodbank charity The Trussell Trust and food redistribution charity FareShare.  Together we can help feed people in need this Christmas. Please help them feed people in need by donating whatever you can afford.
Tesco cause
Dislaimer: I was sent £20 from Tesco to review Christmas shopping Experience and used it to pay partly for these items. All the opinions are my own.

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