The Croods DVD Review

Mummy and the Cuties are Movie Addicts – Specially for Family movies. It is really hard to find anything on the list of family movies that we have missed seeing it in the Cinema. We love watching family movies –  laughing, giggling, blowing nose and shedding tears and carefully wiping it off to make sure no one notice it! But Me, especially failed many times from being Caught.

Title 2

“The Croods” was one of the mostly awaited movie for us and we could hardly wait to see it at Cinema when it was about to be released. Our plan was to make it to the movie at the very first weekend when the movie is on Cinema. But, sometimes the plans don’t  go well as planned.  Daddy was busy for about two weekends. At first I thought may be Me and DD 1 should go first and then we can make it another day as a family. (Sure it is fun watching “The Croods” how many ever time it is”). BUT THEN, She was very clear in her thoughts -”  It is a Family Movie Mummy, Its all about the Family So we should all go and watch it as a Family and enjoy it with Dad.” How lovely to be so understanding! It melted me and so the film. We liked it, Loved it, admired it, Cried, Laughed and giggled and ofcourse blowed nose high and low…

So, When Mumsnet gave us a privilege to watch “The Croods” on DVD before its release on DVDs and Blurays  on 9th December, We all went “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”


It is a perfect Family movie and is U rated. So no more closing Eyes, Fast Forwarding, Hey! Look over there!!! moments Etc. And DD had the same excitement, Emotions and expressions as how she was when she first watched the Movie on Cinemas. Here is the Family glued to the movie.


Now, Lets see what “The Croods” is all About: Its between a teen-ager who loves to have freedom and explore the world outside the dark cave and the Dad who loves and cares for his daughter and struggles to let her go! Grud the Father protects his family of  his wife Ugga, daughter Eep, son Thunk, baby Sandy and his elderly mother-in-law. He Strictly follows the principle of fear and strongly believes Fear is key to survival and tries to keep his family aligned to his thoughts. But there will always be one Brave person in the family and that is  daughter Eep who dreams of a more entertaining life outside the dark cave.  And one night, When she leaves the cave to explore Something (light) she meets Her Guy, a more evolved stone age man who has predicted the upcoming disaster and turns out to be crucial in the families survival and becomes the part of the family. And the movie takes us through their journey of adventure in finding their new home from their old stone age.

The Croods 2

The Ultimate theme of “The Croods” is Hope and be Brave! And When Eep tells her Dad that ‘Dad, this isn’t living, this is just not dying‘ has so much in it for us.  The movie has great sceneries and beautifully scripted with loads of creativity and fun for children and for the Whole Family. The Animations are just so natural and it just takes you into the movie. We didn’t even need a Pop corn when we watched it at Cinema as well on DVD.  The Movie will just keep You with it.

In Short and Sweet “After their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy”.

DD2 was Just so much carried away by the character of “belt” and now tries to say DA…. DA…….DAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! all the time and she is a great admirer of babies and animals, So was enjoying every moment when Sandy and Belt are on the Screen.

We all loved When Daddy says ” Release the Baby” and the way daddy flies through the air at the climax. And it was Scary when daddy makes Stamps on rocks!

The Croods 3

Well done again Twentieth Century Fox and Dreamworks.  We love the way you make us enjoy our family time. The Croods is released on December 9th. The DVD costs 10£ and blue ray costs £15. If you haven’t watched it on Cinema, then Don’t miss it anymore. Even if you have watched it before, it is worth the family time. And it is definitely a wonderful Christmas Stocking filler.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of The Croods DVD by Mumsnet and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for the purposes of this review.


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