“Stamptastic” the Fantastic – Review

There have been 2 Cardigans, A summer hat, a water bottle and a lunch box missed so far just for this year.Even if they are found, they can not be returned to the right person because, most times, the label just disappears without our notice. Sometimes it gets mixed up with other kids clothing and if they don’t have a label as well, We are done.
I tried the Iron on ones. Though they work well, I feel it takes a bit longer when there are so many to be named and sometimes it slips off the place . I tried with ballpoint pens but after a few washes it just decides to fade off. And all these will happen exactly by those few days when we miss to notice that the label is missing from the things and it will just be lost! How Pathetic!.  I can not afford time now for Sewing and I try to avoid using the needles as much as I can as DD 2 is just around me almost all the time.
Stamptastic All
So, there comes Stamptastic the Fantastic to the Rescue. They are just amazing and all the naming is done in no time.  This is a personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics. The stamps has transparent block for accurate, easy positioning.
Stamptastic 1
Unique features of Stamptastic
  • A new fast way of naming all your belongings!
  • A personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics.
  • No more sewing or ironing on labels. No more losing
  • your pencil case or P.E. kit!
  • Now you can just stamp everything!
  • Transparent block for accurate, easy positioning.
  • The ink will last wash after wash.

So that Explains everything Why this Stamp is so Unique and just perfect for back to School and indeed it proves everything.  The Stamping was fun, quick and perfect. DD loved the way I was doing the naming in no time and wanted to have a go. But I need to make her read the instructions and let her know that the Ink is not suitable for children and she is indeed a very understanding child. And she could now hardly wait for her time to do the Stamping.   The Transparent Block helps you position accurately as you can see through it.

Stamptastic 2

The Ink dries quickly on cloths and any fabric material, takes a bit more time on Plastic and other polished surfaces. So you need a little patience and bit more careful while you are naming the water bottle and school bag like things.  For a long life, the Ink pad is better kept in the protective wrap it came with.

I have also tested it on the coats, PE kit, Tie and winter hat for about 3 weeks now and ink stays longer and stronger and hasn’t faded yet. So it is worth the money and definitely saves your time.

The Ink Pad costs 10£ and each stamp costs 8£. With Christmas coming soon, It will be a perfect personalised Christmas Gift for any little one and mum a bit of time and keep her away from Sewing.   Have fun Stamping from Stamptastic.

Stamptastic Logo

Disclaimer: The full name is not shown in the pictures. we were supplied with 2 stamps and 1 ink pad for the purpose of this review. I haven’t been paid for this post.  All words, opinions and pictures are our own

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