Looking for a Perfect Holiday Bag and just the right size! Thule Chasm Duffel Bag is the one you should consider

Bring your life with the new rugged and versatile Thule Chasm duffel bag

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I love Holidays… And Being a Mum for two “Always Busy and Exploring” Kids,  I definitely need holidays. Holidays are always the most exciting and a great way of bringing the family together. Either it is a family visit or for an adventure or just for relaxing at the beach side, Holidays are just perfect to re-energize yourself and it prepares for the Next few months of busy times.

And Speaking about Holidays – I should never forget to mention about Packing! Just not for one person  – But I need to plan and pack stuffs for four. Finding the right bag is always a nightmare and then While on Holidays it is another Chaos to just fit what we need when we are out and about. A compact, Just the right size bag will always make the trip easy ad comfortable.  And if the can be used for multi purpose and waterproof, there is nothing like it then.

And As always known – Thule is dedicated to finding new ways that make it easier for people to bring their life when travelling, no matter what you want to bring. The brand new Thule Chasm duffel is a versatile and robust bag that will hold just about anything. Available in sizes from x-small to x-large, 27 to 130 litres, Thule Chasm is the ideal companion on any travel adventure – big or small.

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Many people are keen to find a bag that can be used for different types of travels. Whether it is going on an adventure in the outdoors or an active weekend trip to a big city.

“When developing the Chasm series, we focused on two concepts ‒ strap management and ease of access”, says Graham Jackson, Global Product Manager Thule Group. “We made sure the shoulder straps were easily removable and the duffel bag straps able to cleanly store along the side of the bag. When looking at ease of access, the oversized wide mouth opening makes packing a breeze. And when in a roof box or airplane overhead, you can easily access the bag’s contents.”

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Facts – Thule Chasm

  • Easy to pack and find gear – oversized, wide mouth opening
  • Easy to reach – practical side access
  • Easy to convert backpack straps – carry on shoulder or as backpack
  • Convenient interior mesh pockets for organizing smaller items
  • Made of durable waterproof tarpaulin fabric
  • Available in five sizes, ranging from 27 to 130 litres, and several attractive colours

Thule Blue  1

The new Thule Chasm is rugged and water resistant duffel that comes in five different sizes and a wide array of colours. Depending on the size, Thule Chasm can carry most things needed when travelling. The 27 and 40 litre bags are great for the gym or around town, the 70 litre for weekend trips and the 90 and 130 litre duffels are perfect for longer adventures or expeditions.

With an oversized, wide mouth opening, side access and removable, padded straps, Thule Chasm is both easy to pack and carry – even as a backpack. Internal mesh pockets make it convenient to organize and store belongings that must be easy to reach. And a padded bottom cushion provides support for more fragile items. The daisy chain lash points even make it possible to attach the duffel to a roof rack or to add gear to the bag.


More product information is available at  Thule Chasm Campaign.

Thule Chasm is available to buy from  mid-October 2013.  Why to wait? sort out the colour and off we go shopping.

There was a post recently at Mummy and the Cuties for the other great baby products from Thule Child Bike Seat and Thule Chariot Multifunctional child carriers


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