Have a lovely Christmas – Still within budget – Poundland Christmas Decorations review

I do shop in Poundland and I love the way Poundland still helps me to buy brands with just a pound.  It is just amazing to see the range with such an afforable price.

As Christmas is fast approaching, every week end for the past 4 weeks goes in Christmas shopping and planning. To help me  ease the Shopping Chaos , Poundland had asked whether I could review their Christmas Decorations. How timely! It was just the right time to accpet the offer as I could stop thinking about having to go for shopping for new decorations and I happily accepted the offer. Really saved few hours of shopping.


Poundland_Title 1This Christmas Poundland  is bringing a huge range of collections. There are beautiful presents, decorations, stocking fillers, Yummy food  not to forget about mum, there are even cleaning products for the aftermath!

And Our package was delivered well packed and had lovely collections – Just perfect for decorating the Christmas tree.  And also there was a  pretty stocking for the little one. I was expecting a  few tree decorations and tinsels. But, it was a huge collection of Decorations, Garlands, Placemat, Table runner, a pretty stocking and few other bits.Poundland Collection

Red is something that always looks bright and beautiful on anything and everything. And it was so much in time that I was getting myself ready to go for shopping to get some Red and green decorations.  The quality is fantastic and they are available on somuch affordable price. You can have a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree within 10£ budget.

The Kids enjoyed decorating the tree and couldn’t wait until December 1st. Now the Christmas Tree is up and decorated but DD 2 still thinks why they just can’t be a toy for her and for what reason they are on the tree. So she keeps pulling it down and I am sure I am going to be busy until New year in putting those decorations back on the tree


The quality is Very Good and most of the decorations are avaialble in a pack of 3, 4 or 6 and costs just £1 a pop. I definitely know where I’ll be going for my Christmas decorations from now on!

They do have products in all ranges including Christmas Presents, Christmas Food, Christmas decorations and whatever you think of about Christmas.

Lets Go shopping and start saving.

Poundland Picture 1


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