Junior Scholars – Learning Phonics with Leapfrog – Phonics factory

After a Quite Lon….g time,  I have recollected Phonics from teaching DD 1, 7 years before,. And now I am refreshing again with DD2. We have a phonis bus at home but was looking for something different for DD2 and Junior Scholars asked us to review  Leap frog letter factory Phonics.  This is a new version of the Fridge Phonics System and the Cute basket is a plus that keeps all the letters in one place unless you purposely hide them somewhere. heyyy… are all safe in the basket So I don’t have to run around the pieces.

Picture JS 1This comes in the Traditional Leap Frog green colour with White and has a cube for each letter in the Alphabet. So you get 26 cubes ( I am right Isn’t it, I have counted and confirmed with DD2). Each Letter has a song  and are designed big enough for the little hands to press. She needs a little help to keep the letter in place but eventually learnt it sooner than I expected.  She is good in Tidy up, so she makes sure she puts back as many letters as she can in the basket once she feels like having some rest.

JS LF Picture1

It teaches both letter sound and the Phonics sound a with a song. My cooking time song on most of the times now is  – “A say A , A says a …”,

There is a also a full Phonics song button and when pressed the Phonics song is played in full. DD 2 loves to dance for it now.

And, as a great addition, it does have a volume button so when you really want a peace of time while watching TV, You can let them play a bit far away from you and still watch TV without getting attracted and distracted to the Phonics 🙂

JS LF Picture 21

The one this that could have been  improved is  – if the letter had a magnet or the base had one,It  can go on some magnetic board or the fridge for a while  so they can spell their name or so and have some fun. And I could also teach a word for each letter. Otherwise it is a great Christmas Present for your little one.

You can buy this toy from Junior Scholars – Leap frog letter factory Phonics  at a retail price of 14.99. Junior Scholars also has a great range of Educational toys for your little one to get them engaged during term holidays, so you get some rest 🙂 and they also have a good collection for Special Needs.


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