Finest Food for the finest Families- Tesco Finest Food Review

I like the concept of “Every little Helps”. I love the rewards and club card vouchers and the deals and the Price comparison and so on… Yes ofcourse all at Tesco.

We are already a big fan of Tesco Finest Strawberries and this time I have been asked by lovely people at Tesco to try few other from Tesco Finest Range. And here is the yummiest  description from Tesco for it’s Tesco Finest Range.

You must not have noticed the Tesco Finest range before but the  new look at most Tesco’s has a special display on Tesco Finest Range and it is much easier to find them and ofcourse to tempt your taste buds.

From hand-picked teas to traditionally-made pasta, tender chorizo and everybody’s favourite, red velvet cake, discover food you’ll love with Tesco finest*

Tesco Finest1

My first thought was, they might  be bit expensive.  But just because they say Tesco Finest, there is no more assumption that these products would be expensive. They are reasonably priced and always at affordable range.

So, off we went shopping over this weekend to select some Tesco Finest Range to taste. And the first one picked up was “Strawberry and White Choclate Cake “ which is a family Favourite. I should mention I got to remind Hubby and Kids to leave atleast a small piece for me as I know they would just finish it in no time. You should try this to feel the taste.

It was a great shopping and tasting experience and DD was more excited in choosing what she likes.

cake picture 11

Next in shopping was Crisps :). Hubby is diet conscious, I am not and I don’t need a Gym as I already do enough pull-ups and push-ups with DD 2.  So I love Crisps and don’t have to mention it for Kids. We tried Tesco Finest Hand cooked lightly sea salted crisps. Delicious it was and Yummy in our Tummy. The movie time was made perfect at home.


We have also picked some from vegetable and fruits range, Jams and Spirits, Baking and Cooking. So there is so much to taste over the next few days and loads of cooking and baking at home. All is still a part of Christmas preparation and way to go.


Tesco finest has it’s range on vegetables, fruits, snacks, Jam and much more. For a glimpse into just a few of the finest* stories, visit:


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