Best Mum Vs Worst(est)!!! Mum – anybody out there

Just wondering whether there are any other Mums out there who are just the worst(est) mum  like me!

Well, Don’t look at me like that Please.. I have been the Best Mum as well MANY times. But only when I ask her Zip the Coat I would become the Worst(est) Mum.

When I give her a Choclate as a treat I am the Best(est) Mum, But When I don’t give permission for the second Choclate, everything that happened few minutes before will just be forgotten and I will be praised as the Worst(est) Mum ever in the whole world. I really like the way it is mentioned on both ends “You are the Best(worst)(est) Mum In the Whole World”

It doesn’t stop there though. When I bake with her few Cup Cakes I am the Best(est) Mum….. don’t forget to read it as ” Best(est) Mum in the whole world). But when I ask her to help tidying up the mess, You know what I would be! 🙂

When I let her watch TV for half an hour after school… definitely I am the Best(est) Mum with loads of hugs and Kisses, But just for that Half an hour though! :(, I willl suddenly be featured as a Bad Witch after that half an hour and will be declared as the Worst(est) Mum 😦

But, Above All, I still love being a Mum and enjoy every Moment of it…

Would love to hear from the Best (worst) (est) Mum around the world who are just like me.


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