Get Active and make swimming fun for kids with Speedo

Term Holidays are sometimes a panicking fact for me, obviously to engage the kids and I had to plan well in advance to keep me going and reduce the tension.

The most engaging activity we all enjoy as a family together is always been swimming and water games. I started taking both of daughters for swimming from when they were 6 months old  – I am not good swimmer though – but good enough to have a little swim in the lagoon pool with the kids – and after all I also get to hold the floats isn’t it! 🙂

Adding to the fun of having school holidays, We had been invited to the Speedo ‘Underwater World’ VIP event on Tuesday 29thOctober. It was double bonus for us as it was term holidays and it is day out AND it is something we all LOVE THE  MOST.

So What is the triggering point for Speedo ‘Underwater World’  event!?

The general study by Speedo claims the statement that “”After new research revealed that 81% of kids wished they could go swimming more often and that a third would rather get a new badge for swimming than be able to ride a bike without stabilisers.  Speedo wanted to celebrate this by hosting a unique Underwater World event for kids and parents.”

Speedo 1

We had the joy of long walk in the south Kensington subway and finally reached the venue which had been decorated beautifully with buntings and balloons all water themed and more welcoming. The pool was full of balls, inflatables and various toys, so it looked great fun from the outset.  I had to be with DD 2 and DD 1 enjoyed her 1 -1 swimming with the trained professional and told me that she did learn quite a good points to make her comfortable while swimming a long stretch.

There were kids of different ages and everyone enjoyed a good swimming and seems everyone /most of them had  1 -1 lessons from the trained professionals.  It was a great fun. I have learnt how to bring the little one into the water to make her feel more safer so she could enjoy the fun to the fullest and how to keep her safe in water and how to slowly introduce swimming techniques to her. The kids had the  joy of playing with loads of Speedo toys and every toy was very attractive and Unique to make them water confident.


Though mine are water babies and never scared or screamed to get into water, It was the most useful session FOR ME  to learn the tips and tricks to be safe with kids in water which I have enjoyed the most.  So, altogether, along with Swimming fun we had good lessons as well.  I know that more than keeping them engaged in water, getting them out would be the toughest job and by the time we came out of the pool I was more hungrier than them. And we have also been treated with yummy food.

Speedo has a huge range of toys and swim aids to help children of all ages to get confident in swimming. It o has a 3 stage learn to swim programme for babies through to juniors, with the levels including:

  • Level 1: Start Splashing
  • Level 2: Start Swimming
  • Level 3: Get Confident

speedo products

Speedo not only has the recommended activities to help your child achieve each level of swimming, but it also has a range of dedicated  products perfect for each stage. Speedo’s Learn to Swim range of swimwear and equipment
was created to help children develop their water skills, and to help parents to guide their child through the process of developing a key life skill.

Come and have a look at Speedo Store for exciting products.


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