Stroll, jog, bike, hike, or cross-country ski – With your baby or toddler – You Can. Thule is here to Help you.

Thule Chariot Multifunctional child carriers 

   Chariot multifunctional child carriers change name to Thule and lays the foundation to the new Thule category – Active with Kids

Thule_Chariot_Cougar1_Avacado_Jogging 10100534_0
On the first of October, two great brands connected to the outdoors and an active life join forces. Chariot carriers, the world’s leading multifunctional child carrier, is renamed Thule and lays the foundation to the new Thule product category ‘Active with Kids’. The new category is the next step for Thule to facilitate an active life – together with the family, together with your kids.

Thule understands consumers’ passions and active life pursuits better than most. For over 70 years, Thule has been helping consumers to bring their sports and outdoor gear to their favorite spots and to live their active lives. In 2013 Thule takes the next logical step by helping them to bring what they care most for – their kids – on their adventures and experiences.

As part of the challenge, Thule Chariot Multifunctional child carrier is presented to the world for the active parents to be with their kids during their adventures.


The rebranding of the Chariot family, which has been part of the Thule Group since 2011, to Thule Chariot is one of the first visible steps in Thule’s entry into the new product category ‘Active with Kids’. The natural fit with Thule’s more than 70 years in facilitating an active life forms a solid and exciting foundation

 There is a natural fit between Chariots more than 20 years’ experience in child carrying solutions and Thule. We are dedicated to develop the ‘Active with Kids’ category over the coming years, in the same successful way as we have developed new products and categories in the bike and sport&outdoor categories for more than 70 years, says Magnus Welander, CEO and President the Thule Group.

The first rebranded carriers will be shown at Eurobike 2013, the world’s largest bike fair, taking place in Friedrichshafen, Germany, starting 28 August. In connection to the fair we are also introducing a wide assortment of other new products on the Thule theme ‘Bring your life’.
A number of the new products are in the ‘Active with Kids’ category.

Thule Chariot_ Commute By Bike 2

About Thule
The Thule brand was established in Sweden in 1942. Thule is now a premium brand that is used around the world. Under the motto Bring your life, Thule offers a wide assortment of products to simplify the transportation of everything you care about in a secure, safe and stylish way. Roof racks, bike and water sport carriers, roof boxes, child carriers, accessories for recreational vehicles, trailers for an active life (horses, boats etc), snow chains as well as luggage, bags and backpacks are just some examples of what Thule currently offers.  Thule is the largest brand in the Thule Group.

Thule_Chariot_CX1_Blue_Jogging 10101221_0

Active with Kids

This adorable Thule Chariot Multifunctional child carrier is coming to UK by 2014 to help those active parents and as you can see they are available in 3 lovely colours – Red, Avocado Green and Blue. Whatever is your choice of Thule Chariot Multifunctional child carriers. you are guaranteed to have a wonderful holiday with your little baby and/or toddler without worrying about leaving them somewhere behind you.  With regards to age limits that apply to this product, It is for 75lbs for a single carrier and 100lbs for a double.

Here is a little video demonstration of the product

And more detailed demonstration on

Lets get active together with Thule Chariot Multifunctional child carrier


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