vacuuming dirt and wiping away grime simultaneously – How would you like it.

I don’t Go to Gym, I really don’t have to as I have enough of activities at our sweet home – Scheduled and Monitored by Little Cuties. My House was hardly tidy and rarely clean 🙂 BUT I tidy up infinite times a day. Vacuum and Mop the floor almost everyday. Not to surprise me, Before I finish Vacuuming the entire house, there would be loads of piles again on the floor and its never ready for the Mop. So We sometimes start over again  OR because I am bored and tired we never finish what we have started on the cleaning task. :(And when Hubby gets home,.. We all make a Happy face 🙂

I AM sometimes upset about it but that’s the pleasure of having children at home and they are my Life. So, rather than moaning about the hard jobs, I would love to hear about the solutions that makes my life easier.

And There is one Finally………………………..And It is Cordless .. Amazing.. Never have to trip over again on wires and remove the wire that is cluttered

It has so much in it

  • Vacuum and Clean
  • Cordless
  • Looks classic and Trendy
  • Ease of Use

I never have to wait for Vacuuming and cleaning the whole house now, There is something Handy and Nice and I can just do after a meal, After a snack, After a play and keep the house (Well, as much time as I can) clean and tidy.

James Dyson said: “Good technology should make everyday tasks quicker and easier. Dyson’s high-speed motor technology has enabled Dyson engineers to develop a cordless machine capable of vacuuming dirt and wiping away grime simultaneously. One machine doing two jobs, in one action”.

Isn’t that lovely and it is from “Every little Helps”  – Yes Now there is a big thing to help Mama from “Every Little Helps” Especially for Infinite Number of Blessed mums around the world.

Dyson Hard™ Launches Exclusively at Tesco

– Dyson DC56 makes light work of hard floor cleaning-

Hard floor cleaning is frustrating. First you vacuum and then you wipe – it’s time consuming and inefficient. Beating the build-up of dust and floor stains can be a never ending task for busy families.

 Cleaning hard floors is about to get quicker and easier with Dyson’s latest cordless technology 

Launching exclusively into Tesco stores on the 31st October 2013, the Dyson DC56 vacuums dirt and wipes grime on hard floors in one clean action. With none of the fuss that comes with steam cleaning and battery powered 2-in-1 cleaners, the brand new Dyson Hard™ is perfect for families where time is of the essence.

 Using patented Dyson technology, the Dyson Hard™ has a lithium-ion battery to deliver 15 minutes of fade free performance, with an added boost setting for six minutes of high intensity cleaning for particularly hard to clean floors.  With mucky pups leaving a trail of breakfast crumbs or muddy paw prints in their wake, the cordless Dyson Hard™ makes light work of the daily clean with a detachable wand for hard-to-reach and in-between spaces like car seats.

Launching into stores on the 31st October and with an RRP of ÂŁ249, Dyson teams will be on the road visiting selected stores during the launch week, where customers can trial and view the machine.

 Drop into store or head online to and be the first to get your hands on the very latest in Dyson breakthrough technology.


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