Do the New Gaming trend still have the Good old techniques in them!?

With the Modern technology on Gaming, I still feel many time that the kids are missing out the fun we used to have outside. All they have most of the times is TV and a Game box., Can the Game Box makes any Game More Competitive !?

Thought on Classic Game Elements Modern Gaming Needs to Bring Back

Gaming has come a long way since I was a kid. I remember wondering wistfully whether there would ever a portable games device the size of a Gameboy, but with graphics as good as the NES (obviously, as a loyal Nintendo gamer the thought of playing the Game Gear never crossed my mind), today every game is a fully realised world with graphics that make the real world like drab and frankly, not all that convincing.

But there are some elements that I miss from those old gaming days, and I think modern game designers could improve things by bringing them back. Things like:

Split Screen Gaming

Modern multi-player gaming is a somewhat harrowing experience, where you are hooked up to the Internet and are instantly hit by a barrage of American teenagers calling you homophobic, misogynistic and racist epithets.

It used to be gaming was an actually sociable activity, where someone between two and four of you could sit around the same telly, shouting your own much wittier abuse at each other and, if necessary, leaning over to give the competing players and friendly yet painful punch on the arm. There are still plenty of games that still have a split screen function, but that number is dwindling all the time, and I fear for the day when the only way to play video games against actual humans is through a rather spotty broadband connection.

The High Score

People like knowing how much better they are at things than other people. As games have become more and more narrative based, we’ve lost track of this. Some games have done what they can to rebalance that with the introduction of “Achievements”, and in game items like currency can give you a sense of personal achievement, but as long as you’re measuring victory using a number of different vectors, what do we have to gloat to our friends about?

Give us our high score back, and while you’re at it, make sure that we can’t input names with more than three letters in!


Here’s how I/ My daughter or anyone at home play games now. I arrive at a fortress. I save the game. I go through the door. I save the game. I turn a corner and save the game. I see a monster, and save the game, then attempt to fight the monster. If it’s a tough monster, halfway through the fight I’ll save them game (but not over save the last save, in case I need to do the whole fight over again from the start) then I kill the monster, loot his corpse and save them game.

Now let me tell you about the closest I ever came to finishing the Super NES game, Starfox. I had got to the very last level and was fighting the evil boss, Andross. I fought hard, and somehow, with barely any health left, I defeated him. He exploded, and a bit of his giant metal face flew off, hit my ship and exploded. I was on my last life, and had to go right back to the start of the game. I swore and cursed and made violent threats against Starfox that day, but I remember playing that level more than I do finishing any other game of the last ten years. If you have a limited number of lives, that means the lives mean something.

Butlers Bingo There will be a day to defeat Andross for sure..

#This is a guest Article.


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