Up for a real haunted house (just on Halloween day though ) – Hobbycraft halloween decorations review

Though I am still scared to open the Door on the Halloween day ( I don’t hate it though, I am just scared of monsters, devils and even spiders), My children love it – of being one of them (sometimes I feel they are always being monsters to me – not just on Halloween day – (Sorry, Not really a worst (est) mum )as well welcoming them home.

And to add to it, She was super excited when we got some Halloween decorations from Hobbycraft to try.  Who cares about Mummy Screaming at Night seeing a spider on the Window.

As DD 1 is planning to be a Vampire on the Halloween day, she was more happy to receive the Witches and Vampire fingers.  When I first opened them, I had a doubt whether it would be too big to fit DD’s fingers, but they were perfect and feels softer as well and had no complaints when we tried them on.  She is more happy to start scaring and looking forward to Halloween Night.

Witches Fingers

We have also been sent with few decorations items and one of them is Flies and Bats ! (I am screaming still ) Little DD is never scared of anything and loves playing with the bats and the flies.  Though I am still afraid to touch them, both daughters have fun playing with them .

And We have also received String decorations and Some Fright tape. The String decorations are  long enough that it would give a good coverage on your living room. I preferred to have it on the window and it looked very attractive.

string decorations

The Fright Tape features a series of ghoulish warning messages such as “enter if you dare”, Caution: zombie zone” and “Haunted: keep out!”. They are perfect for the door and has sufficient length.


Hobbycraft is great place to get you crafty with thousands of products and You will sure find everything you need.  They have all you need for this Halloween and you won’t be disappointed.

Do visit  Halloween section from Hobbycraft  as there is loads to choose from. They are also having a fantastic 3 for 2 offer.


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