Junior Scholars – New name for you!? Soon it will be on your Top List.

Weekend…….!? I know, as a Mum you are slightly panicking about how to keep the kids engaged, How messy the house would be, How many times you will have your pressure shooting up and testing the highest decibel of your voice.

But for me, the Saturday Morning on 12th Oct was more peaceful, Lovely and engaging – All with the help of the lovely people from Junior Scholars at Watford and we had been invited for their First Blogger event. When I say Nice and lovely, I really mean it, “They are” – You know why – first reason – They have agreed for us to attend the event with our children. though it was their first blogger event :). They are Brave.


I know it is a long  journey for us, But we loved their Toys range and knew it is well worth it. We had a plan to drive but then due to circumstances, I had to take the train and we had a huge joy of public transport But finally reached there – well!!!! a bit ( actually a lot 🙂 ) late. We had a warm welcome and we were given a good tour around the shop and I should mention about their “Sound Cube”

DD is now a big fan of the Sound Cube and It is amazing.  If you are looking for a pop (rock) star party place for your little one, then Sound cube is the place is for you. Its a wonderful recording studio and a dance studio with all the Hi-tech equipments for recording and there is a *FREE personalised DVDs for everyone (*Party Sessions only).

There is a Good collection of educational toys and Brands including Galt, Leapfrog, Vtech, orchard toys, lankakade and much more and both of my explorers had a great time. You will surely find what you want for your little one there.  We had been asked to review Leap frog Phonics factory and Leap Frog Touch magic Discovery Town. Reviews to follow soon.

We also bought Galt cupcake baking set and backed some cup cakes last weekend and had loads of fun.

You will never want to miss the Next blogger event and don’t forget to pop into the store for a good range of toys. See you soon there.


5 thoughts on “Junior Scholars – New name for you!? Soon it will be on your Top List.

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