Delicious Indian Food. how many of you are a fan of this?

Pepper Rice:

Though many of us complain about smelling curry – I should admit they are more healthy and every single Spice that goes in any recipe has something good it adds to the food. So, Once or twice in a month, smell the aroma and enjoy the taste of Indian food.

If you don’t like it hot, Make it blend – it will still be a treat to your tummy. If you think it is too spicy, there are options to avoid the spice you don’t like and still to retrieve a similar taste though it is not going to be the same. Sorry, But you can’t avoid pepper in Pepper rice though. I know, you will be sensible 🙂

Being a Mum of two and Stay at home Mum, I feel guilty most of the days when I don’t make an effort to cook something healthy and homemade But Just pack a quick sandwich in their lunch box. But whenever I have time, I think of some healthy and quick menu and today was one of those days – and I made Pepper Rice for both office and school lunch box

It was quick and delicious and would like to share it if anyone wants to give it a try.

Cooking Rice

1. A cup of rice

2. Pinch of salt.

3. Any oil – you an use sun flower oil, Olive oil or Sesame oil.  Sesame oil goes well with it.

To roast

1. 1 tablespoon black peppercorns – powdered. (you can add more if you want a strong smell of pepper and more hot and spicy)

2. 1 – 2 dry red chillies small one – as needed

3. 1/2 tea spoon of Urad dhal whole

4. 1/2 tea spoon Jeera

5. 1 and 1/2 Table Spoon Ghee. If you don’t have Ghee, then 1 table spoon Butter

6.  5 currly leaves

7.  2 -3 cashews (optional)

To make Pepper Rice

  • Cook the Rice with its Ingredients. Since we add Oil while cooking, The rice wont stick to each other and will be in a good shape for mixing with roasted ingredients.
  • With Ghee/Butter, Roast the Urad dhal, jeera and red chillies together  and then add Curry leaves
  • Lower the flame and then add the powdered pepper and roast for a minute
  • Add Cashews if you decide to have them in the recipe
  • Add the cooked rice with the Roasted mixture and mix well, Add salt as required.

It’s very simple, easy to cook and delicious as well. Try at home and leave comments.

Haven’t managed to take pictures, but will post them next time when I try it. Right now, Off to make a cup of tea for me. You don’t need the Recipe for it right!? 🙂

Goodness of Black Pepper


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