Dress up Day!? Confused where to Go and what to Buy!? Megafancydress to the Rescue

One of the Most frightening thing in my life now is a Dress up Day  for my DD S. No matter how much ever be the effort from me and regardless of how prepared we are to face the day, I always wake up on that Day with the frightened face of hearing “I don’t like that choice Mummy, Please can we choose something Else” ………………. imagine the poor Mum’s reaction to it.

This time, it is Roald Dahl Day at School and as you know, there are handful of characters to choose from the great author’s book but I was sure, she will want to go as a Witch from “The Witches” book.  I always ask her choice and opinion to avoid the battle on the dress up day and so when I did, very comfortably and decisively she said … ” you don’t have to ask mama, I sure want to be a witch on Roald Dahl Day! ” I was sure that she is outgrown of the Witch Costume she had and it was time for shopping again.

So we were on the hunt and Megafancydress came to rescue us. There are plenty of choices on Megafancydress. We narrowed down our search to Vampire and witches costumes thinking about making it to 2 in 1 – both for Roald dhal day and for Halloween. When DD S was back home from school, I have let her know that we have been asked to try out the “Girls Deluxe Vampire Princess Halloween Fancy Dress Costume”, She was Spellbound and and doing nothing other than keep asking when the costume would be in.

We decided to go for this costume because, the dress is Kind of similar to a witches costume with spider webs on the sleeves but it comes with a lovely( Should I say Scary Instead!?) crimson collar and black choker with red jewel to the centre. I was sure DD S would love it and and I was not wrong :).  As she has a witches hatalready, we though she could wear it to school as a witch with the witch hat on and for the Halloween day she can have a different Style with the same costume but with a collar add-on.  And yes, It worked perfect and it was not difficult to convince DD S and she was very impressed with the fact of having two different get ups on different days.


The Dress arrived nicely packed, The set has a full length black satin look material ball gown with crimson panels inserted into the skirt and top, which are printed with black spider web decoration, the puff ball sleeves have sheer spider web sleeves attached. To complete the vampire costume there is a crimson collar and black choker with red jewel to the centre.

I could have given it a little Iron, But thought any wrinkles would match up with the spider web and made it as a reason for not finding time to iron it ! One Busy ( Not Lazy really) Mum. 🙂 And though DD  is 7, She fits in 8 -10 Size. So,  I decided to go for 8 -10 and when we tried it on her, It was definitely a wiser choice, So better to go for the size that you currently buy for your daughter from the top brands.

Without the Eye Makeup and other scary touch-ups, I should admit, DD S was a lovely Princess. The dress looked So Pretty on her and it is Beautifully designed” and a perfect fit. She was not really Scary 🙂 and ofcourse she was upset about it.  But with the Make-up On, We had a (Good) Happy Witch ready for the show.


On Her way back home, She couldn’t wait to tell me that all her friends admired her dress and was asking about the Shop she got the dress from :). I am sorry mums.. 🙂 but that’s the whole point of this review.

The one thing I can see as an improvement to this dress is – It could have had a Zip at the side to make it a bit easy to wear.

Here is another picture of her with the Actual Vampire Makeup and all the accessories on,. Scary Really isn’t it!!!!!!?????

IMG_2948 new

They do have Loads of lovely Witches costumes  in Different colours and matching hat and loads of Scary Halloween costumes. , So don’t just leave without having a good look at their website.


They have a very quick delivery time and comfort the customers with the Next day delivery. It is Mega Fast Delivery with the  Mega Low Price from Mega Fancy Dress, You will never be disappointed for not finding your choice of costume, Whatever you wish for is definitely in there almost all the times.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for a honest review. All the opinions are my own,


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