She really flies!!!.. Yes she does!!!.. Flutterbye Flying Fairy from Spin Master Toys Review

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And Watch out… She might be flying around your home in Christmas time. Is anyone out there who hasn’t dreamed about fairies !? then, you will be soon seeing one flying over your little Daughter’s hand…..

DD S is an admirer of Fairies and most of the time lives in fairy world, So when we were asked to review the Flutterbye Flying Fairy from Spin Master Toys, she was thrilled, excited, screamed and couldn’t wait for the fairy to reach home. I should admit, It is the same feel from me as well.

And finally she was home and here she is ….


Ever since she reached Home, she didn’t stop flying yet and always looked pretty and busy.  She looks delicate but she is very sturdy and strong and prepared for any falls and drops.

The Box contains a Gorgeous Fairy, a charging base and instruction sheet. Ours was delivered with Pixie dust ( Batteries) as well. The Fairy is beautifully designed with lovely Pink and Purple which is a attractive feature to most girls and feather shaped wings that helps her flying. She comes with a base unit that is used for charging and launching the Fairy. And it needs 6 AA batteries to charge the fairy through a cord and for the whole system to work.  The  Fairy can be guided by hand and not sure how she detects the ceiling and the floor but she flies up and down WITHOUT hitting the ceiling or the floor which is still an unsolved mystery for Sri.  And I am one happy Mum as the possibilities of  hurting a fairy is reduced.

Image 2

There is very simple but clear instructions given how to operate the base and how to make the fairy fly and how to control her.  While charging it is important that the Fairy is in Off state and the base is in On state and the fairy is charged through a cord.  At first we found it difficult to find the on/off switch and the charging port on the fairy but once you find it the first time, its no more a difficult job. while she needs to take the flight, the cord should be removed and both the base and fairy should be in ON state. She detects the hand motion and gracefully flies through the air and not forget to mention she is meant to be an indoor fairy as the wind outside might hurt her more.  You need a little practice to learn the hand control but it is not definitely going to be a longer before you learn to guide her.

Not only DD S, But everyone in the family loves her a lot including the the little one at home. At first she was frightened, speechless and excited about the flying fairy which she would have only dreamt of so far but Now she laughs, giggles and enjoy seeing her flying and gives a “oh oh..” whenever the fairy hits the wall and fall may be because she is bit confused of deciding on which hand to follow when there are atleast three wanting her.. she is one of our favorite toys now.

She has got a place in our display unit and proudly sits there when she wants to rest.

To make it simple, rather than a detailed written story, a little video will explain more how the fairy works and how much the little ones will enjoy them and Why it will definitely be an excellent Christmas present for any little girl.

It is available through all the major retail stores and supermarkets including Smyths Toys, Argos, Entertainer and so on and priced at an average of £36.99. Definitely worth the price and will never let you down.

The  One thing if at all we wanted the fairy to have is instead of using batteries, there could have been an option to charge from the mains as that would have made it a little simpler though we have seen the batteries lasting longer

Disclaimer: I have been given this product for review. All opinions are my own


4 thoughts on “She really flies!!!.. Yes she does!!!.. Flutterbye Flying Fairy from Spin Master Toys Review

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  3. Hello! We have the same fairy, but she stopped flying on 5fh day 😦 and we can’t find the problem. The”wings” seem OK as they soon, but she can’ t fly up. Any idea what the problem might be?

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