Yum Yum Tea- served by my Little daughter – Leap frog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Review

My 19 months old puts the kettle on and makes me flavored tea every now and then – Yum…  all with a little help from Leap frog Musical Rainbow Tea Party.

No matter how many toys you have at home – your little daughter, would be great helper in the kitchen – I bet You wont deny this fact. And my little one is a huge fan of tea and loves watching mum making Tea. So when we were asked to review the Musical Rainbow Tea Party set from Leap Frog, I  was very excited and couldn’t wait to introduce my little one to her new Tea set.

The Toy is in a very attractive Package except for the Tags and the Zip Ties. She was almost out of patience by the time I removed all the contents from the packaging –  I was Lucky, the scissors was in its place and the “Try Me” Button on the Toy kept her engaged until everything was out of the package. So a Big thank you to the design.  So…….. You Guess it right – It comes with the batteries and I had a great escape from a little race in search of batteries.


The Box Contains a Cute tea Pot, A cake Tray with 6 pieces of Cake and Two Little Cups.

With the Mirror Under the lid, the Tea pot is an attractive little treasure for Little DD  She admires the mirror and was giving me  ” a Look” when she realized there is no mirror in Mummy’s tea Pot. The Mouth Seems a bit scary though but Little Dd didn’t seem minding about it anymore.
Tea pot
It has a lovely Bright Yellow Coloured Cake Tray with 6 pieces of cakes – in different fruit flavors and  colour match to the fruit.  Until the DD1 was home and discovered that there is a matching pattern in the Tray for each Fruit – One Busy Mum – But never forgot to appreciate her good finding.  This is mainly for colour matching  and Picture Matching.
tray and cake
Every time when the Heart button is pressed, the tea pot sings a song and ask for a colour to find and match. It is great fun through learning. DD wasn’t honestly able to do any match at this stage but she loved eating the cake and sipping the tea with her Sister 🙂 They are having a nice tea party everyday. the Tray can be used to match up the Cake slice to the Picture on the Tray. Again, a very useful feature for little older kids. But Practice makes it Perfect. So lets start learning now…
The Tea Pot does make a boiling Sound — And Yes Talking about the Sound – It comes with a ON/Off, Low and High Volume Buttons. So when she is on her Tea time, Mummy doesn’t have to wake up getting afraid of a kettle that is never put off. It teaches those Magic Words – Please and Thank You 🙂 which DD now Enjoys repeating for everything – regardless of whatever she does and whichever she gets. It also teaches Colours and Numbers through songs, makes the sound of pouring and meant to teach to be social by sharing. And She displays lovely rainbow colours while singing with her (Big scary) mouth.
Here is a little video of little one enjoying her Tea Party with her sister and sometimes all by herself after a very busy day helping mum.
This toy is available from all major stores like Argos. John Lewis Etc at an average price of £19.99
Great Treat for the Little ones!!! Come home for a cup of tea.. let us know which flavor you like the most !!!! 🙂
Disclaimer: I have been sent this product for a honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own

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