How interesting:) making me happy – Having a family tops having a successful career in Briton’s top 10 life list

while it is a general opinion that – Most of the teens and youngsters are still afraid of getting into a family life as they think it is of more responsibility, commitments and dependency, the recent research has proved that “Having a family tops having a successful career in Briton’s top 10 life list”

Generally, I feel, the more younger you are (when your children are in their late 20’s), the less would be burden you leave on them when you get older and ofcourse the less will the be the burden on you as well as te children would be in a position to look after their economy and they living essentials.  For that you don’t have to be 30 when your first child is 20 though 🙂 that would be too much burden on both then … 🙂

British men and women today have ranked having a family at no. 2 of their top 10 life list, demonstrating that such values are of greater importance to them than having a successful career or owning a dream home. Women hope to achieve this my the age of 28 (55 per cent), whilst men would prefer to wait a little longer until they are 30 (45 per cent).

It has also been revealed that the average British woman will feel happier at 37 than any other age; with over half of women (58 per cent) revealing that having a stable relationship with their partner is vital to their contentment.  Having more time to spend with family and friends (57 per cent) is also a contributing factor to women’s happiness, whilst men are more motivated by financial security (49 per cent) and job satisfaction (38 per cent).

British women consider their teenage years as their unhappiest life period (27 per cent) due to a lack of independence (26 per cent), an unstable relationship with a partner (25 per cent) and doubts over financial security (37 per cent).  One in three women (31 per cent) is unhappiest at this age due to insecurities over their looks and body shape.

The research released today by Sure Maximum Protection deodorant also reveals the top ten life ambitions for men and women as well as the ideal age that Brits would like to achieve each life aspiration.  It would seem modern women want to achieve it all with financial security (77 per cent), having a family (55 per cent) and getting married (48 per cent) topping the list.  Whilst men and women are united over the importance of money, they disagree on other key life aspirations, with men rating marriage a lowly fifth (39 per cent) in their list of top ambitions, whilst it is the third most significant life goal for women (48 per cent).

UK WOMEN’S TOP 10 LIFE LIST:              UK MEN’S TOP 10 LIFE LIST:       

1. Be financially secure (77%, 39 years)        1. Be financially secure (73%, 41 years)

2. Have a family (55%, 28 years)                   2. Have a family (45%, 30 years)

3. Get married (48%, 27 years)                      3. Have a successful career (41%, 33 years)

4. Travel around the world (43%, 42 years)   4. Travel around the world (41%, 42 years)

5. Own a dream home (43%, 38 years)         5. Get married (39%, 29 years)

6. Have a successful career (41%, 31 years) 6. Own a dream house (36%, 39 years)

7. Do something selfless (34%, 33 years)      7. Live abroad (25%, 39 years)

8. Own a pet (31%, 25 years)                         8. Do something selfless (24%, 35 years)

9. Learn another language (26%, 31 years)   9. Learn another language (23%, 33 years)

10.  Live abroad (24%, 38 years)                    10. Start your own company (23%, 36 years)


3 thoughts on “How interesting:) making me happy – Having a family tops having a successful career in Briton’s top 10 life list

  1. I enjoyed reading this and found the results of the survey quite interesting. As someone who teaches foreign languages, I was really pleased (and pleasantly surprised) to see learning a language on the list.

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