Lights to lighten up and brighten up the Sweet home

If I am given a choice to list the toughest things in life, one of the main items would be dealing with your house decorations whether you do the renovation or planning to decorate a new home. This is obviously not only to please you but also to attract your friends and family and to have an appreciation from them about the beauty of your home.

When it comes to an decorative item – we always tend to look for the attractive feature but also who wouldn’t be happy if it is from a top brand and at the affordable price that is worth paying.  And it is always best to make the right choice on such items as they would be the one time – long term investments and wouldn’t need a change as often.

I am a big fan of John Lewis and the luxurious, elegant and affordable ceiling lights at John Lewis are at their best and couldn’t get my eyes off them when I had to make choices.  They are available at affordable prices and has unique Luxury collections

Especially when we don’t live in a Victorian house 😦 and had to opt for lights that are close to the ceiling to avoid banging our heads to the lights often john Lewis has plenty of choices. This simple, elegant and attractive light definitely features what anyone would actually wish for and is one of my favourite choices.

Oria Ceiling Light

It will never be over…can we really miss the bedrooms!?  Well, Here is something that doesn’t hang too long but also looks neat and nice and good profile.  Not to deny there were definitely good choices at John Lewis. Could you take your eyes off the below1?  These shades are uniquely designed to give the best look to the rooms.

John Lewis Easy-to-fit Amerie Ceiling Shade

And ofcourse there are numerous choices for people who love colorful lights and shades.  You will never be failing to have your choice.  I love the little Lee Broom Czech Crystal Bulb and Pendant light the most. It will definitely not fail to impress anyone. There are more options on traditional looking lights and shades with  a modern touch in them and there are crystal lights for crystal lovers.

john lewis lights

Disclaimer: This is a featured post. All opinions and ideas are entirely my own.


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