#TheCharcoalchallenge with MoneySuperMarket

The Lovely 2 weeks summer… now a dream again!  ONCE It was a perfect time for Barbecue and we were one of the lucky people to be given a chance to tryout the moneysupermarket sponsored “#Thecharcoalchallenge” and motivated to enjoy the weather to the fullest.

To start with, it was a real hot day and shopping and preparation made us tired….. still, the joy of having a get together and the smell of barbecue ofcourse made us to forget the tiredness.

The one good thing about barbecue is its easy, decent food, liked by most people and most importantly, the only cooking I have seen men showing interest! 🙂

With 4 families in for the barbecue and a tight 50£ budget, the challenge started with the preparation of the shopping list.

I wanted to lessen the shopping time and also get everything I wanted so decided to get as much as I can from Asda and most of the food was bought from Asda and a little from Tesco

Barbecue 3

The Marinated barbecue chicken from Asda meat counter always attracts me towards it… so was definitely included in the barbecue. I have also purchased a whole chicken but was cut into small pieces so they get cooked quickly and nicely. It was marinated at home with Indian masalas – half a tea spoon turmeric powder, a tablespoon garam masala, a table spoon Ginger garlic paste, a tea spoon salt and a tea spoon chilli powder. Add 2 table spoon yogurt and squeeze a lemon and leave the marinated chicken in the fridge for atleast an hour. It is so Yum and can be either be grilled or barbecued.

Barbecue 1

I also have marinated panner with the same ingredients and skewed with green pepper, onion and tomato.

The ladies had almost NIL participation around the barbecue Grill but had very active involvement in tasting and commenting about the taste 🙂

Any Dinner party Couldn’t be complete without drink…We had both alcoholic and non-alcoholic as there were many Pimm’s fans in the party group.

Barbecue 2

The weather was so beautiful for the barbecue and the kids had a nice time outside playing. I didn’t manage to have a pool as our garden is smaller in size and it is difficult to accommodate a pool  along with barbecue get together.

The total spent is hard to fit within the 50£ budget as we had 4 families with 4 kids though we have managed to use old charcoal.

Chicken 10£

Paneer 6£

Veg  and Fruits – 8£

PIMMS – 18£

Schweppes lemonade = 2£

Burgers – 6£

Burger bun – 4£

other alcoholic drinks aren’t included in the budget. But Every little helps and thanks to moneysupermarket #TheCharcoalChallenge for helping us to have a great Barbecue party.

Disclaimer: I was given 50£ by moneysupermarket to take part in “Thecharcoalchallenge” and all the words and pictures in the blog post are my own.


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