Moneysupermarket #HomeImprovementHero

When Moneysupermarket gave us an opportunity to take part in “Home improvement Hero” challenge, I was very excited to see what I could achieve in a 50£ budget and accepted to take the challenge.

with the recent renovation and newly built kitchen and a bathroom at the extension we still have plenty to be done to decorate the home. It was really hard to decide what to buy as there are definitely loads to buy at this time and I wanted to spend the money for more than one item and make a good used of it. But my aim was to find stuffs for the newly built display unit and moneysupermarket challenge came in handy for the shopping.  Also was looking for a wall clock for our living room and thought all these might fit in within the 50£ budget.

After a huge discussion and multiple choices, The shopping started with a table lamp cum clock that can either have a seat in the display unit and decorate it or as it’s name says, can be used at the table.

table lamp

I have always wished for a fish tank but can never afford one at living room with two kids running around the living room all the time making use of the whole space and I don’t want to have a pool of water in the living room. So,the “Fish lamp” seemed to be a nice idea.

fish lamp

And I was left with few more pounds to spend after buying 2 decorative items. The living room was in need of a wall clock for a long time and we had a plan to buy sun-ray clock but having  seen a digital clock in one of the friends place, I have decided to go for one as it is easy for my daughter to quickly read the time.It still needs to be fitted though.


So I have spent the 50£ on

Global Gizmos Moving Aquarium table lamp for 18.19

Dolphin lamp with clock for 9.99 and Digital Wall clock for 25.90

I have over spent  few pounds but it definitely is worth spent and thanks to moneysupermarket for making my living room colorful and lively.

The display unit still so untidy with loads of day to day stuffs including wires, handbags, toys and even coffee mugs sometime 😦  because of me finding reasons to delay shopping and start after summer holidays so I can have my own time to do shopping and decorating. And Anyways, it is started now and I am sure it will never end. Hope I can update the fully decorated display unit’s picture in a month time.

Disclaimer: I was given 50£ from to take part in #Home improvement Hero challenge and all the words and pictures n this blog post are my own.


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