Is the sun angry on us because we were upset about him not showing up few weeks before

Too Hot .. Burning… even inside the house with two fans on…

Never can do the work with there is always loads to be done! 10 Minutes of works claims an hour of rest!

Sports day was burning hot! but could never leave as There will definitely be a crying baby complaining ” you always look after the baby sister and can not even make it to Sports day” As a result, was in the hot sun for 4 hours  with the little sister (who seemed happy though)

I am a parent who always desperately wait for The little one to have a nap so I can do some stuff of mine and tidy the house and be happy with the cleaner house for atleast an hour! Never happening now with sun being too hot and little one thinks its never the night time even with the room darkened with curtains.

Not to forget about the night time sleep! – there are already three in room and the big sister is having strange night mares and always ends up sleeping with us … not to mention how hot it would be in the bed room then!

Too Hot sun.. He is definitely angry on us all and for sure heard our prayers for calling him to rescue us from winter – ery autumn…..


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