When do I really sleep!????

1 AM.. oh it’s already today.. rushed myself to have a “nap”…

4 AM .. someone might be singing .. oh no!no! no! wait.. it is actually Mridu.. Now I am singing too…ooohh.. la ..la.. laa..la…beyond being a bathroom singer, I have become more of a bedroom singer now..

who knows when I slept again.. but one thing i remember is about my prayer.. “oh.. god.. please… can you hold 6 AM for little longer…

someone is again singing nicely…… stop guessing, it might be hard to guess.. it is me this time…. on the alarm.. recorded my own voice for alarm.. I know someone… NOOOOOO… Finally it will be me.. be waking up to stop that Alarm.. the voice is that sweet to hear..  he he he…

put the kettle on for a tea, never managed to remember to have a tea until  after the morning school run and the cold tea really tasted better..forgot to mention… just out of the house aiming for ontime school, but then there was a starting trouble on the Buggy….. Mridu on Duty… need to run back, get changed and again running now..

Day goes doing almost nothing for me but still enjoy being a great mum. By 10 PM, I try to wrap up everything and have a rest for few minutes, nevertheless to say there is always a mum on call every minute in every home. Happy to see most of my friends (mums) awake even after midnight and enjoy having a night time chat !? 🙂 Time flies and there is another  1 AM on the Clock now.  Mum on Call 🙂


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