V Tech walker

V Tech walker

Vtech baby Walker Interactive: which I still see one of the top most toys in all shops for about 7 years…

I have got this walker 6 years before for my older DD and she absolutely loved it… Even after 6 years, one of her favourite song is “Hello Puppy calling… do you want to play with me!” .. And now it is the time for my Little DD. She loves the spins and turns.. Learned to walk with it and now she is learning to Run with it :) .. It is one of our Family’s never endng Fun..

The only down side of the walker I could think about is … The wheels worked great on Carpet floor when my older DD was using it.. But now we live in a house with Wooden flooring and when the little DD learned to walk, I found it little slippery though the wheels weren’t that damaged. I there a way to make it friendly on all floors as most families are moving to tiles or wooden flooring!?


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