Summer Fairies with Muddy Hands

Our first Post on our Newborn Blog.. Thanks to MoneySuperMarket and Britmums. So excited, fun filled and adventurous.

With the typical british summer, I have always been finding ways not to set my foot in the garden though I love growing our own vegetables in our tiny Garden. Well… always running out of space and an extension at the back swallowed considerable amount of Garden Space and Hubby is very keen in having a greenish view.. and as a result of all… I am gifted with few pots to grow my own! :) How Generous! Hmm.. Was even told… “Something is better than nothing…”

On Wednesday when there was a special delivery for me, I was definitely confused and excited as I don’t remember ordering anything last week. With the confusion and excitement on a race… I have opened the parcel… Great to see…………… an attractively designed garden Kit.


We were encouraged to do gardening by Britmum and Moneysupermarket by sending this lovely little kit from Little Pals and it had  a little but sophisticated carry bag there was a hand fork, hand trowel, a metal watering can, a pair of gardening gloves and three packets of seeds  – pansies, a pretty flower family mix and sunflowers.


I decided to keep it a surprise until the weekend … otherwise I know I will definitely be ending up in the  garden after school just to be carried away by the Wind ……But there is always someone at home to break the suspense.. especially if it is from Mum.. is it not!!!??.. Yes .. Yes.. Yes.. You Guessed right.. Daddy..

So the fun Began with No waiting. I still remember and enjoy while remembering the way srishti expressed her thoughts on first seeing  it …”oh! My very own Spade, Oh Oh Oh.. My Very Very own Watering Can!!!! Haaaaaaaa… Look at the Gloves  Mama… hmm.. I still like it, but It could have been a Pink one! :)”


As there is not much affordable space in our little garden, we had a small but Serious group discussion and came up with the convinced solution of starting the planting in pots.

Now it is time to get the pots ready, however the top most priority was to stop the fight between the sisters for the spade and the watering can and ofcourse the Gloves as well.


As we soiled, we enjoyed finding little insects and earth worms and discussed about them…. ofcourse Mridu was an active participant showing her interest on catching the bugs and insects that seemed moving, waiting for my eyes to move away from her as she could taste some soil… The most hardest job for me was to keep her stop eating the soil 😦


And then Seeding time.. We carefully read the instructions and  started with Polly pansy and the seeds looked so pretty on the little hands and proudly received an appreciation from her ” How cool they are” !!!!


and then they were sparingly been watered not to make them drowned

gardening 2

Seeing the Gloves getting dirty and looking at my face… Srishti never forgot to mention ” I don’t care if the Gloves get dirty and disgusting.. they protect my hands isn’t it Mama” ….. What a nicest way of saying.. please let me get dirty mama…and indeed they were dirty and made me think .. ” Oh! the Gloves could have been a little longer……………………….”

and then we moved on to pretty flower family  and then to Sunflower seeds. We showed some grace on a chilly plant that deserved a slightly bigger pot for quite a while and this also proudly joined the little Gardeners pretty garden show.

Gaedening 3

All of them were finally labelled. On a small Note, the labeling job for the pretty flower family came up with the question — ” Will they really have flower faces Mama.. and with lots of hope I answered … Yes! Ofcourse, They are! Fingers crossed for them to Grow wild and give us a pretty smile.

Gardening 4

We have entered a bit late into the trial and hope for the sun to shine and flowers to grow healthy

– One proud mum being so proud for having a greener review as the first one to post on her newborn blog and looking for ideas to keep the little pots away from Slugs and Snails … will either go with Egg shells or off to shopping this weekend for copper tapes.

So happy to see the Kids playing outside in the sun and keeping their eyes away from the gadgets.

Thank you Little Pals.. You have Great collections for the little hands……..

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge


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