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Is “Healthy Eating” one of your New year Resolutions!?, Then Keep it up with “Tesco Healthy Living range”

As a Mum and a stay at home mum,  I always strive hard to provide my family healthy eating options and always on the hunt for what is available and how to make them taste better and most lovable. And most Importantly, it is top on the list of my New Year Resolution.

Sure,  there are many of us out there who would like to have healthy eating life style despite of the busy times around the life. And to help us all, Tesco has their New “Healthy Eating Range” in Store and Online with plenty of choices both in Veg and Non-veg and ofcourse without compromising the taste. How appropriate and just the right time when everyone of us is seriously trying to stick onto our resolutions.


Last November,  I had been invited to Tesco healthy living Event to try out some of the Healthy eating options from Tesco Healthy living Range,  I was very happy to be there for the event and not to be surprised, Hubby was more keen than me to see what is in store for him. He is more health conscious, dieting and trying to keep fit, looking always for the healthy eating options – you name it. So Mummy and the Cuties were at the event to explore the options to  help mum Cook Less but still eat healthy and Definitely Yes – at an affordable cost.


It was beautifully Presented that your taste buds could just wait no more. Usually, there is less options for vegetarians, but Tesco Healthy living range has generous options for vegetarians too so you are not left to starve and this is what impressed hubby the most.

Tesco Healthy living 14

All the options are carefully prepared with low calories, Low fat, Low Salt and Low Sugar – If it is not to the Lowest you would expect, it is definitely to a minimum as possible and will definitely be the choice for the people who are carefully watching out the eating habits and healthy maintainance.

One of everyone’s favourite was the Chicken laksa noodles which has only 261 Calories that is much lesser than any other food with Chicken and Noodles.

Tesco Healthy living5

And the other choice was the vegetarian one – Spicy Butternut Squash with the Fruity Pilaf. This one had just the right amount of Spice in it tasted Yummy.

Tesco Healthy living6

And for the Fish one, there was Tuna Crunch and Wholemeal Pasta... Never to say No.. it was perfectly made.

Tesco Healthy living7

And don’t stop there and don’t even think that desserts does not fall under healthy living range. There are good choices of yougurts and DD 2 is now a big fan of it. The pictures prove them all.  She managed to finish atleast 4 cups of them and was still angry with someone for (kindly) taking the empty cup from her! I was amazed with the taste yet the delicious taste and the lower calories it could offer. Tesco Healthy living8

There are still more choices and you can browse  here the Tesco healthy living Range for anything you would like from the starter to the soup, halting at main meal and finishing with dessert, Tesco Healthy living has a choice for you. And I am sure you will just not be stopping like the one below.

Tesco Healthy living9

Olly the Little White Van – review

Though there are some strict rules around the house for TV timings,  Mummy and the Cuties love watching TV and everyone plays their best to fill up the Sky+ memory by recording the same shows/episodes infinite times. And the animations and cartoons are always on out toplist for watching – two main reasons – these can be watched as a family with no Boo… Boo… , change the channel moments and ofcourse they are extremely interesting that some shows just mesmerises me.ching so

And sometimes watching something New other than the Usual ” The Micky Mouse, Club House, Come Inside, there is fun inside!,  And Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer!!!!! and the Peppa Pig and the George the Monkey “……….. makes me feel better, but I hardly get a chance and choice.

So, Recently when we were sent a Olly the Little White Van DVD for review, I was more happy and was sure the children would love it too. We have never heard about this and So this was all New for us to explore and enjoy. This is currently shown on Channel 5’s Milkshake. And though it claims it targets boys and girls aged 2-6 years, I would say both my daughters loved it a lot and specially DD2 who is now riding a big rescue car all the time with tiny little hands.Olly-logo

It is all about Olly the Little White Van who helps his friends as much as he can with driver Stan and feels much happy when he could help someone every day, every moment. Most attractively, the Little white van borrowed the voice from Mr Tumble…………………the Owner of the Magical Voice – Justin Fletcher.

Whenever we watch animations, We love identifying the voices without peeking into the title. And while I was breaking my head to know whose it is!, DD 1 answered me in No time -” it is Mr. Tumble, from Justin’s House ” and there comes the influence of (TV) Mr. Tumble.

The DVD has five New episodes and the one good thing I liked about all of these episodes is., each one is just less than 5 minutes. Dd 2 is usually impatient to sit for more than 5 minutes and this one was just perfect for her to watch.  DD 1 is used to watching longer episode so she was a bit surprised to see all the episodes getting over too sooner than she expected. But was able to grasp the moral of it and was able to remember the episode just as it is. Each one has a song with the music that DD 2 enjoys dancing for each (though the stpes are always the same 🙂 ) The theme tune makes me to hum it all the time.

For some reason I couldn’t get the episodes play continuously but this helped me enjoy the moments when DD2 brings the remote to me to play the next one as soon as an episide is finished. How smart the kids are now a days ! She even knows the remotes for each device at home including the Wii. !!!!


The episodes that were new in this DVD are:

  • Suzy’s makeover
  • Skyscraper Caper
  • Bumpton buses
  • The Mystery of the Bumpton  ghost
  • Ducks and Cover

DD 1 loved The Mystery of the Bumpton  ghost and DD 2’s Favourite is always Ducks and Cover. There were few ooooo! that is not nice ! when Suzy the Car was just left by his owner for a makeover! There are few other cute characters including the Jethro the tractor.


For the people who are new to this series, here is some info.;

Series Synopsis

Olly the Little White Van helps his friends as much as he can.  He isn’t a racing car or fire engine, but he and his driver Stan are very good at helping everyone out, every day.  Like an enthusiastic puppy he bounds around the village of Bumpton talking to everyone, and is happiest when he is setting up a new bus service to the seaside, helping Alice when she is preparing for her driving test, or sprucing up an old VW.

Educational Values

Olly’s Little Helpers – the production recruited the help of Dr Richard Woolfson during development of the series and now Olly wants to recruit others to be like him and get a lot of  fun out of helping.   Olly doesn’t always get things right but he is always helpful and tries his best and the series aims to nurture the communicative and caring nature of children.  There are a number of downloadable activity ideas on the parents section of the website, with ideas for games to help out at home  e.g Matching the colours of socks, helping to care for a new baby, watering plants or feeding the birds.

 Target Audience &  UK transmission

The series targets boys and girls aged 2-6.  In the UK the series started airing on GMTV and CiTV in 2011, then began airing on Cartoonito in 2012 and is now airing dialy on Milkshake at 06.50 as well as Cartoonito and Boomerange.    The series is also dotted around the Milkshake schedule in addition to its regular slot.

Overall, Olly the Little White Van is a much loved, fun series for the little ones. It has a Good Moral in every episode. It is very colourful and grabs the attention of the little ones and has cute little characters in it. It does not teach your children numbers and shapes but the good behaviour that would help them and others in life. It gets a Huge like from Mummy and the Cuties. And you can make your little ones more engaged with loads of activities at the website Olly the Little White Van

thumbs up

Long life School Uniforms – Trutex School Uniforms Review

I love my School days, But honestly except for those uniforms :). Not because I have to wear the same uniform every day at school, But, the colour fades and the uniform looks dull sooner from the first day of the New Uniforms.

When DD 1 started school, I really wanted to buy uniforms from the School Shops than the Supermarket just becasue I thought, the Quality of the School Uniform shops should be atleast slightly better than the one we buy from the supermarkets. DD1 is a messy baby, she likes to explore any new things, play with paint, palay in Mud and you name it. So All I was left to do was constant washing and ironing of the school uniforms.

So when Trutex sent me some of their uniform to try, I couldn’t wait to see how good the quality of the garments is and ofcourse how long lasting they are. especially because, Trutex is an established brand that claims it’s uniforms are  “made to last” and “colours stay true wash after wash”.

Trutex logo

They have Sent DD 1 a Cardigan, Trousers and Non-iron Blouse.

The Cardigan felt very soft, well fit. It was cotton based so makes it comfortable for DD to wear. It is also bleded  with acrylic and nylon for colour and shape retention. DD1 fits for 9-10 Size. So the Cardigan that was sent was perfectly fitting her and she was very happy to wear it to school. I am sure she will run out of it soon :). They are definitely long lasting, so if you would like your child to wear it for quite sometime, then I would advise you to go for the next size to the one they usually wear. The Bottle Green colour was just as expected and I was not disapoointed with the colour and quality. As I mentioned before, I need to wash the School Uniform quite often in a week and this Cardigan is been washed many times and still has the stiffness and quality in it. I was bit worried that it might shrink after the wash, But glad it didn’t and came out of the wash just as it and fresh as new.

Trutex 1

The long sleeve non iron katie collar blouse is Bright white and had a lovely Girly Cut and looked beautiful on her. The “Non-iron” promise was tested well and It stays neat for quite a good number of washes so you don’t have to bother about ironing it after every wash. They had been washed atleast 10 times now and still look good as New. I gave a slight Iron to the shirts after about 5 washes just not to put them under pressure so much to stay Neat with No effort from me. The cuffs and collars are still Stiff and Sturdy 🙂

The trousers is pressed leg and zip fly front and Boot cut. It has a pocket under front waistband so DD collects her Treasures there ! 🙂 You obviously know what they are… All the Stones and leaves and flowers.  So I need to check the Pocket before giving it a wash all the time :(. They have Double stitch detail around the waistband and makes them look nice. The stitching all around is neat and strong. The only disadvantage I noticed is, they are not adjustable waist so has to be more careful about the waist size while ordering.

trutex 2

Overall, The quality is the BEST and the Garments are lasting longer definitely wash after wash. They look Bright as New. I have been using them for atleast 5 weeks now and still not disappointed in anyways. It is highly recommended from Mummy and the Cuties. And they are the Carbon Neutral people so gets all our likes and thumbs up!


Trutex uniforms are available from most of your local stores. Why not check out your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform and get your uniform ready for the new term?

Learn Phonics with Peppa Pig – Peppa Pig Fun Phonics 2 Review

As I mentioned before, I am learning Phonics again with DD2. We Own a Phonics bus at home. Definitely a good one. However, I wanted something that DD can carry easily with her and is not heavy. So she wont be hurt even if she has to drop it by accident on her foot. So I have accepted the offer when Argos asked to review one of their Phonics toys in Peppa Pig Range.  Both of my daughters are Peppa pig Fans and I thought, Just because DD1 admires Peppa Pig a lot, She would definitely find this toys as a great fun to teach her sister Phonics and Alphabets. And it is the perfect time for DD 2 to get used to Alphabets as she is showing interest in learning words.
argos_logo Peppapig Logo
This Peppa Pig Fun Phonics Learning Game  is Yellow in colour. Finally there is a relief from All Pink shades. The Buttons are designed slightly bigger for the little fingers to feel comfortable with the buttons. Most of the words are linked to the Peppa Pig Family, So if your little one is a Fan of Peppa Pig, It will be easy for her to remember the association of a alphabet to the word.
Peppa Pig Argos 11
There are 8 different modes to learn through fun. So you and your little one will have endless fun listening to Peppa teach sounds, letters, phonics, spelling, colours, numbers and more.
As the Picture says,  there are 26 letter keys, an ABC alphabet Key, repeat and a music button.
  • The alphabet Key lights up the letters in sequence and recites the ‘phonics’ associated with the letter.
  • The music button plays a tune.
  • The repeat button, Just as we know, Repeats the last sequence
Peppa Pig Argos 12
At the top of the console there is a pointer to change the activity being played to one of eight options:
  1. Word associated with the letter(Read the Word Associated with the Letter-This is the Apple)
  2. phonics (says the letter sound and the word “A as in Apple”)
  3. picture identification (“find the Apple”)
  4. Find the First letter of a Word (“find the first letter of the word … Apple”)
  5. phonics finder (“find the letter that says ‘a’ as in Apple”)
  6. spelling (Can you Spell the Word “Apple”)
  7. follow-me (buttons light up and must be pressed within certain time )
  8. sounds (the sounds of the object associated with each letter)
DD 2 founds it very exciting about the Follow_me. Obviously she is still young to react to it within the time frame but giggles and laughs enjoying the sounds it makes when she is doing it right and wrong.
Though she is not familiar with all the alphabets yet, She could identify a few now like “a, a, for Apple”, “fa, fa for Fish” that we use on daily basis. As the Words associated with the letters are mostly from Peppa- Pig family, It is easy for the kids to remember and match as they might already be familiar with the characters.
The One thing about Phonics – Peppa Pig Toy goes with Fa and Na and NOT FFF and NNN. I have noticed Most schools following – FFF, NNN and NOT fa fa, or Na, Na – Including my DD’s School. I think This would be something you have to know about the phonics taught by this Toy.
It can be easily carried away so your little one can have it in the car and might be useful in long journeys.
Few things that could be there:
  • There is no Volume button so the toys almost stays in the same sound all the time. As it is not too loud or too low, this will be left unnoticed if you are happy with the sound
  • There is no ON/Off Button – But there is a Sleep timer built-in. So if the Toy is Idle for sometime, it goes to sleep. But then Wakes up when any button is pressed 🙂 as there is no way to switch it off
  • There could have been a colour mode as the toy has buttons in all the major colours.
Argos has a wonderful range of dream toys available right in time for Christmas.  So order now to avoid any last minute stress.
Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

Christmas Gift Guide – Thule the Travel friend

Thule LogoThule is a Great Travel companion.  It could be your one-stop shopping for your Travel whether it is a long holiday or a short outing or just a business trip. They have Huge range of products from a Bike Carrier to child carriers, luggage bags, Roof racks Storage boxes  and baskets and Many more. You will not fail finding what you want to get for your holiday.

Thule is a brand known for it’s comfort, Safety and Easy to Transport and Yes for it’s Best Quality. Here is a quick Christmas guide from Mummy and the Cuties for Thule  – The products we liked and loved the Most.

One of the first and foremost we pack for our holidays would be our Camera and Camcorders. And if you are holiday lover and photography addict, You will definitely Love this Camera Bag.

New Thule Perspektiv camera bags

Thule is introducing a complete series of sleek camera bags for the thrill-seeking photographers. The bags are steeped in Scandinavian design and Thule quality where each piece combines function, attention to detail and contemporary styling.

Product Design AwardThule Perspektiv is a series of six camera bags in different shapes and sizes; Perspektiv Backpack, Perspektiv Daypack, Perspektiv Messenger Bag, Perspektiv Top Loaders (medium and large) and Perspektiv Action Sport Camera Case. Functional features such as weather-resistant construction with welded and taped critical seams, DWR treated fabric and YKK RCPU zippers are a part of the bags DNA and offer the opportunity for adventures without worries.

Thule Perspektiv

All Perspektiv camera bags have fast access compartments, are lightweight and for carrying comfort, the bags have ergonomic chassis and adjustable shoulder and hip straps. The SafeZone compartment in the bags ensures protection for fragile gear and feature moulded EVA shells with foam padding, and a soft knit lining.

Thule Gauntlet MackBook and Ipad Attaché Case

Adventurers who take their technology wherever they go will appreciate in-case usability in this rugged attaché. Gives you peace of Mind about the safety of your valuable Gadgets.

Macbook 5For those that like to love adventurous lives, or for the city commuter, Thule has created the Gauntlet, a 13 and 15-inch laptop bag that offers incredible protection in a slim casing. The clamshell nature of the bag means that you can open it and leave your laptop inside while you work, with the case maintaining its protection even when open thanks to the rigid exterior design. An elastic brand keeps your laptop fixed securely, and the design of the zip and exterior shell make the whole thing water resistant. I wouldn’t go as far to suggest using your laptop case as an umbrella, but you certainly won’t need to fret about your device when caught out in a rain shower (which if this year’s weather is anything to go by won’t be too long in arriving!). This case looks the business too, with a hard-wearing finish that also serves to look suitably professional in an office environment.

Thule Macbook CaseThey are Durable, proves their quality and always be your best companion for your travel to protect your gadgets.

If you would like to surprise your loved ones, You still have time to order and get the products intime for Christmas.

Would you love to be fit and healthy? – Keep an Eye on your weight with Ozeri Digital Bathroom Scale

I have mentioned in one of my Posts earlier – I don’t need Gym! No dieting…No Exercise … Because I do enough running, jogging, push ups and pull ups everyday- All curtesy of DD 2.   BUT, I do need to keep myself fit and watch my weight all the time .

Me and Hubby are opposite Poles in weight gaining! ( Well, As of Now, Might change later.), I eat so much, But hardly crossed 60 Kgs.  But Hubby ! – No No No.. Stop…Stop Assuming., I don’t mean to say he eats Less. Absolutely not. If there is something yummy, I hardly get a little for me to taste. But he is a Star in putting on weight – just like that. So he tried/ tries and trying to be conscious and maintain his weight.

We have already reviewed few products from Ozeri, the Amazing thermal Glasses which are still most loved and I can’t think of my tea time without it and amazed my friends as well. The other one was the Turtle thermometer that makes bathtime fun for the kids

Ozeri Logo

This time, Ozeri asked us to review their new  Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale. We already own a manual/Analogue scale at home, Slightly smaller in Size, heavier. As we all know it is sometimes difficult to see the readings with Analogue Scales considering the fact that it is small in size.

So! How Ozeri Digital Bathroom Scale overcomes all these disadvantages!?

Ozeri Pre 2 Bathroom Scale 3

The Unique features of this Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale are

  • New Blue Backlit LCD screen with xBright technology provides immediate and easy to read results throughout the day.
  • New InstOn Technology captures the precise weight measurements upon contact (no tapping required).
  • Uses 4 high precision G sensors to weigh up to 440 pounds (200 kilograms) in 0.2lb or 0.1kg increments.
  • Award-winning design features an oversized weighing platform with impact-resistant tempered glass.
  • Automatically turns off to conserver battery life, and runs on 2 AAA batteries with battery indicator (batteries included).

Ozeri Pre 2 Bathroom Scale Picture 1

That explains everything. One of the thing I liked about this Bathroom Scale is, this came with the Batteries. I am not comfortable with buying products without batteries and then running around the house to look for batteries or snatching a few from Kids toys and feel Guilty later.

Being a Fragile item, It was delivered Well Packed – Secured enough for peace of mind during delivery.  The Blue Backlit is very powerful, Bright and Big that you dont have to take any stress to see the reading – Well, You might be stressed sometimes after seeing your Weight though, Just Like How Hubby Did!. But Would you blame the Scale for it? After all, it is trying to be Honest with you and letting you know that it is time for More Work-outs.

It is Bit oversized as mentioned in the Unique features but I kind of liked it. Makes it more comfortable to stand on it becasue of the space. But it is not heavy to lift, So I am happy with it. A Small Switch at the back is used to change the readings to Kg or Pound. It is think and has eye catching silver border that gives a great look for the scale.

Ozeri Pre Scale 1

We have compared the reading with our Analogue Scale and it was almost the same. I did have a chance to check my weight with GP as well and both the readings matched very close. There were only a few Grams difference, But Honestly whereever you go and whatever you use, you will face this situation. As far as it is not showing Few Pounds/Kgs plus and the difference in only in grams, I think we can definitely live with it.

Few things you might be interested to Note:

  • It is made of Glass so You need to be careful handling it.
  • The Glass on the Top is Shiny, So it is slippery and if you tend to use it in the Bathroom as mentioned, Be careful that you don’t step on with the wet foot and slip off.
  • As the Glass is Shiny, You will notice Marks on the glass soon. But it clears off easily with a wipe clean.

Ozeri Pre 2 Bathroom Scale Picture 2

After all, the Glossy Top is very Attractive that will tempt you to stand on it all the time and thus helps you monitor how good is your progress – Whether you scream out loud and give a smile after seeing your weight ! 🙂

Overall,  I found Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale as a good product and satisfied with the performance.  It is sold at Amazon UK from Ozeri Moderna at th price of RRP 29.95, But now on a great sale for Christmas at £18.95.

If you would like your partner to monitor the weight, This would be a perfect Christmas present for them. And Why to wait, Order today for intime Christmas Delivery.

You can find Ozeri on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for a Honest review. All the opinions are my own